An Emison Baby Is Coming on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — and Not in a Happy Way
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An Emison Baby Is Coming on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ — and Not in a Happy Way


Ever since Alison revealed she was pregnant on Pretty Little Liars, Emison fans and others have wondered if somehow the news is connected to Emily’s missing eggs.

In PLL Season 7, Episode 14, Marlene finally confirmed the fan theory: “A.D.” impregnated Alison with Emily’s eggs.

And —  whew — this causes issues both on-screen and off.

As we mentioned, an Emison baby has been a longheld fan theory since Season 7A ended. After all, “A.D.” stole Emily’s eggs she was donating and then we basically never heard about it again.

We all knew those eggs were going to come back to the show, but this way is beyond creepy.

On-screen, it looked like Alison and Emily were headed for a somewhat happy reunion, after a kiss in the midseason finale, and Emily saying she would help Alison raise the baby.

Since then, however, their relationship has deteriorated a bit, with the board game, the pregnancy wearing on Alison, and with Paige returning to Rosewood High to inject a little love triangle awkwardness into their work life.

Speaking of Paige, sparks flew between former girlfriends after a kiss celebrating Paige’s decision to ditch a job opportunity and stay in Rosewood.

Now, Emily knows that Alison’s baby is biologically hers, and it changes everything.

Alison recalls being drugged in Welby and wheeled into a room for the procedure, performed against her will and without her consent or knowledge.

Both Emily and Alison were insanely violated, and Alison assaulted, by “A.D.” and Archer.  Now, Alison doesn’t feel she has the right to terminate the pregnancy as she planned, because it’s not biologically hers.

Basically, it’s a terrifying plot line. Many fans are upset with how their OTP is being treated.

Let’s imagine this playing out: Even if Alison and Emily are happily reunited by their own volition and raise this baby together, it’s still a pretty brutal road they’re headed down.

It’s worth noting that both victims are LGBTQ, and Pretty Little Liars has come under fire by the queer community in the past with the transgender Charlotte reveal as “A.”

Some fans are pointing out their distaste on Twitter, making the argument that putting a sexual assault storyline on two lesbian characters didn’t have to happen.

(And we shouldn’t have to note, but sending death threats to Marlene is unacceptable no matter the cause.)

No matter what happens between Paily and Emison in these episodes, it definitely looks like Marlene is planning for an endgame between Ali and Emily, as Lindsey Shaw doesn’t seem to be slated to appear after next week.

Oh, and remember how sneaky “A.D.” is. There’s still a chance this whole Emily’s eggs thing could be a lie. Hold on to that hope if this storyline disturbs you.

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