3 Sad \'Pretty Little Liars\' Endings We\'d Like to See
Aria on on Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 2
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Pretty Little Liars

3 Sad ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Endings We’d Like to See


One day, Pretty Little Liars will come to an end, and if you ask lead actress Lucy Hale, the show would go out on a sad note.

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"I kind of want it to end really tragically," the 26-year-old told E! News. "I want people to be really upset, like they lost something when the show ends, because I know my favorite shows have ended that way.”

While we doubt Lucy will get her wish — showrunner Marlene King has said she prefers happy endings — we certainly have loved many shows with grim endings, so we're intrigued by the idea.

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Though we’re not so certain these will come to pass, here are three heartbreaking ways Pretty Little Liars could end that just might leave us satisfied (even as we sob):

One of the Liars is the big bad. We've always been into the idea that one of the Liars — especially Aria — could break bad. It would be a completely gut-wrenching revelation that, if played right, could go down in history as one of the all time greatest TV twists.

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One or more of the Liars is killed off.
Apparently the showrunners actually toyed with the idea of offing Ali in the Season 6 winter premiere, so this isn't entirely out of the question.

The girls have been playing a dangerous game for years; frankly, it's amazing they've lived this long.

Rosewood goes up in smoke. OK, this might be taking things a little far, but after all the pain and misery this town has caused, we wouldn't mind the show going full-Buffy and bringing the whole town down in a blaze of glory. It could be "A"'s final victory.

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