This ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fan Theory About Spencer’s Twin Is SO Plausible
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This ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fan Theory About Spencer’s Twin Is SO Plausible


This isn’t the first time we’ve theorized that Spencer is a twin, but this Pretty Little Liars fan theory making the rounds on the internet takes that idea several huge steps further.

Let’s break down this complicated theory from Tumblr user The Outlast, and we’ll see that it gives us answers to all our most frustrating lingering Pretty Little Liars questions about Uber A, Wren Kingston, Bethany Young, and so much more.

Get ready!

Spencer has a twin sister

As we mentioned, this isn’t a new idea, but let’s explain where the theory comes from.

Though there were murmurs of the Spencer twin theory (aka the “Twincer” theory) before, it came into full force when Hanna was abducted and held in the barn during the Season 7 premiere. “Spencer” came to see her, but the Spencer we saw didn’t have bangs.

We all theorized that this wasn’t a dream, as it appeared, but rather Spencer’s twin sister visiting Hanna.

Moreover, in Season 7, Episode 9, The Outlast points out that crazy Dr. Cochran tells Spencer and Aria that he delivered “two of her babies,” speaking of Mary Drake in Radley.

We just kind of assumed at the time that he meant Charlotte and this other child we now know is Spencer, but as the theory reminds us, he did not say “her two babies,” or “two babies,” but “two of her babies,” alluding to the idea that there are more… aka twins.

Spencer's twin is Bethany Young

Whoa! Let’s break down the evidence from The Outlast’s theory.

Jessica DiLaurentis made Bethany Young call her “Aunt Jessie.” Maybe this isn’t just a totally weird Jessica thing and she really was her aunt.

Suspiciously, we’ve never seen Bethany Young’s teen or adult face. This can’t be an accident by the show, because if what she looked like wasn’t important, they could have just hired any actress.

They’re keeping her face a secret because she looks just like Spencer.

Spencer's twin = Bethany Young = Charlotte's killer = "Uber A"

Naturally, this is all important because it leads us to the answer of the biggest question of all: Who is “Uber A”?

As for her motive? The Outlast believes a little different version of events than Charlotte told us back during her “A” reveal.

First of all, Bethany did not push Marion Cavanaugh off the Radley roof; Charlotte (who went by Charles at the time) did.

Bethany grew angry and vengeful because her aunt turned on her to protect her own child, and then paid off Wilden to say it was a suicide.

That would explain the crazy drawings showing Jessica as the devil with “Liar” written all over her face.

Jessica DiLaurentis Bethany Young

Oh, and as payback, Bethany murdered Charlotte by throwing her off the bell tower.

So the idea that “A.D.” is looking for vengeance against Charlotte’s killer is a red herring, the theory says.

The Outlast believes that Bethany, aka Spencer’s twin, was Mona’s secret “boss” while she was “A.”

Marlene King has said that she knew who the original “A” and the final “Uber A” would be from the beginning, and then she came up with the CeCe Drake/Charlotte reveal as the show went on, so it would make sense that Bethany has been involved since the very beginning.

The Outlast also theorizes that she’s also the “real” black widow, not Sara Harvey, because Black Widow was always seen wearing a mask under her veil. Bethany then killed Sara because she “knew too much.”

But, you might say, who is in Bethany’s grave if not her? Well, if you notice, the theory points out that we’ve seen two different people pulled from graves when we thought it was just Alison.

Pretty Little Liars Grave

The pictures definitely look like two very different scenarios.

But there’s one more piece to this puzzle.

Spencer’s twin’s number-one accomplice is Wren Kingston

You knew this was coming!

The biggest piece of evidence to this theory is in the premiere of Season 7 when Mona overhears someone on the phone with Mary Drake.

“It’s definitely a man. I think he has an accent. Maybe Aussie, maybe British,” she says.

We knew it wasn’t Elliott because he had been missing for days, and The Outlast suspects it was Wren.

This theory also explains the visitor’s pass that has bothered fans for a year: Why would Charlotte need a visitor’s pass that says CeCe Drake to get into Radley when she’s already in Radley?

Well, The Outlast says it’s because Wren made the pass for Bethany, not Charlotte, using the familiar fake name.

Wren, too, is the one who was secretly blackmailing Melissa with the tape she sent to Spencer saying she buried Bethany.

What do you think? Are you on board with this Twincer, Bethany Young, “A.D.” theory?

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