Keegan Allen Says There Won’t Ever Be Another Spoby Kiss on ‘PLL’
Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Premiere: Toby
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Keegan Allen Says There Won’t Ever Be Another Spoby Kiss on ‘PLL’


Sorry, Spoby shippers, but we have some bad news. Hoping for Spencer and Toby to get back together on Pretty Little Liars? Toby portrayer Keegan Allen says that’s not happening.

In an interview with ETOnline, Keegan dishes on that scene between his character and his ex-girlfriend Spencer in Season 7, Episode 11.

They were sitting outside Toby’s fiancée Yvonne’s hospital room, where she’s in a medically induced coma following her car accident in the summer finale.

“It is a moment that both these characters sort of acknowledge the insanity that has befallen upon them over their lifetimes in Rosewood and why are they not able to leave," Keegan says.

"It's such an amazing moment for both these characters to recognize that they are stuck in this whirlwind and they don't know that they are victims of writing in a TV show. But it is a really special and I think it does nod to their continued friendship,” he adds.

Stop right there.

Did he just say friendship?

Keegan doubles down on his claims that Spencer and Toby are strictly friends, and they will continue to be until the end of the show.

"I can honestly say that there is not another Spoby kiss," Keegan says.

Still, Marlene King has already spilled series finale dialogue from Spoby, which we deduced meant Spencer would always have love for Toby, but she wasn’t in love with him.

So could Keegan be telling the truth? Absolutely.

Though remember, he’s been caught misleading us about Pretty Little Liars spoilers before.

Last summer after the midseason finale, Keegan claimed Toby was definitely dead, which we now know isn't true.

Also, this could just be more fuel to the “Spencer has a twin” theory!

So, Spoby shippers, hold out hope!

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