New Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Photos Raise Big Questions
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New Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Photos Raise Big Questions


Pretty Little Liars may be off the air right now, but that doesn’t mean the fictional universe is on hold. The cast and crew are busy shooting new episodes for the winter season, and giving us behind-the-scenes photos filled with clues about what might be coming in future episodes. Check out these photos from the PLL set!

Do Hanna and Melissa Have a Scene Together?

Rehearsal for #PLL 617 with @torreydevitto and @itsashbenzo.

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PLL director extraordinaire Norman Buckley shared this photo of Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Torrey DeVitto (Melissa Hastings) lounging on the PLL set. Um, does this mean we might get to see these two characters hanging out together? Though we know they have interacted in the past, it has always been through their respective connections to Spencer. Might Hanna and Melissa become friends over the five-year time jump? This seems a little farfetched (though they are both feminist badasses, so...), but we could see Melissa and Hanna joining forces post-time jump to help solve the current mystery and keep Rosewood safe.

How are Emily and Blake Berris’ Character Connected?

first scene w this pretty liar @shaym ... but who is lying to whom??!

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New cast member Blake Berris shared this photo of himself and Shay Mitchell (Emily), labeling it as from their “first” scene together, which implies there will be more. Could Blake be playing one of the two new guys we’ve been speculating so much about? And, either way, will he be a character who comes from Emily’s time jump story?

Will We Get to See Former Castmates Ashley Benson and Blake Berris in a Scene Together?

Sooooo excited this guy is here @blakeberris haven't worked with him since I was 17 #friends

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Furthermore, will we get to see Blake interacting much with former Days of Our Lives co-star Ashley Benson? When Blake started on PLL, Ash took to Instagram to share her excitement over working with him again. These two are too adorable not to have at least a few scenes together, right?