3 Biggest Changes in the New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Opening Credits
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Pretty Little Liars

3 Biggest Changes in the New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Opening Credits


The new Pretty Little Liars opening credits are here and they're, um, not all that different from the old opening credits, honestly. Yeah, the Liars look more mature, but that was a given, thanks to the time jump.

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Still, there are some major changes we noticed. We'll run through them below — but first, check out the new credits for yourself.

And here's the old version, for comparison:

Hello, Ali

The biggest difference is that Alison has joined the gang, right smack in the middle of the group. Hey, remember when we thought the body being buried in the original opening was hers? Good times, good times.

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The "Shh!" Is Shared

The iconic "shh!" moment that closes the credits used to belong to Aria alone, but now, according to E! News, it will be shared between all the girls. In this video we see Emily do it, but apparently it will actually rotate, presumably with a different girl each week. You can check out all the Liars filming their versions here:

The Order Is Different

There's been a change in the order the Liars are standing in, beyond the addition of Ali. In the original version it went, from left to right, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily. Now it's Hanna, Emily, Ali, Aria, Spencer. That change probably doesn't mean anything, but hey, it's PLL — we're not ready to discount anything that could be a clue!

Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family in January 2016.

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