9 Questions We Still Have About \'Pretty Little Liars\'
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Pretty Little Liars

9 Questions We Still Have About ‘Pretty Little Liars’



Pretty Little Liars actually did a pretty good job answering most of our burning questions in last night’s summer finale (and showrunner Marlene King added in some answers for good measure in a post-ep interview). But that doesn’t mean we have all of the answers we were looking for. Here are our biggest remaining questions.

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Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? This is a big one. CeCe was the one who found her mother, but she did not kill her. Who could it have been? Potential suspects include: Sara Harvey, who obviously had a very complicated relationship with the DiLaurentis family, and Peter Hastings, who was afraid his ex-lover was about to turn Spencer over to the cops under suspicion of having killed Bethany Young.

CeCe and Ms. D
Credit: ABC Family/Eric McCandless    

What was the deal with Rhys Matthews/The Carissimi Group? We kinda, sorta got an answer on this one. Rhys was just a stooge hired by CeCe to help run the Carissimi Group, but what exactly did that entail? Was he just in charge of the day-to-day logistics of this random organization? And is the only point of the Carissimi Group to fund the “A” game?

Who is Neilan? Who is Varjak? Speaking of randoms, remember Neilan? He was exposed to be Varjak’s lawyer. Is Varjak “A”? Does Neilan work for the Carissimi Group, too? Or was he CeCe’s lawyer directly?

Why did Sara become CeCe’s minion? We’re still a bit hazy on how Sara got involved in all of this. Did CeCe just straight-up kidnap her and then Stockholm syndrome her into helping the cause? Or did Sara willingly join?

Sara Harvey as Red Coat
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But why was Spencer covered in blood? Hey, remember that time Spencer woke up in the Dollhouse covered in someone’s blood? What was with that? This was probably just another way of CeCe trying to freak the Liars out, but it was a random thing to focus on and then completely drop, no? (Story of PLL’s life.)

Who was the “Beach Hottie” who almost got Ali pregnant in Cape May? Back in the day, the Liars were obsessed with finding the “Beach Hottie” who almost got Ali pregnant that summer on Cape May. It was implied that the “Beach Hottie” was Wilden, but we never really found out for sure.

Did Wren know CeCe? How does Wren fit into all of this? He seemed to have a connection to the “A” game, what with the Red Coat-sketching and the shady phone calls and the stalking of Liars. Mona also accused him once of having loyalties to someone nefarious. Was he one of CeCe’s allies? Did he know her identity?

Is Nurse Eddie Lamb OK?! Speaking of people who used to work at Radley, is Nurse Eddie Lamb OK?! Last time we checked, he went missing following contacting Ezra about having some “A”-related evidence. Guys, we’re worried.

What happened to the moms? We’re also worried about the moms. Presumably they got out of the DiLaurentis’ basement, but we would have liked the reassurance. We’re still working on our pitch for PLL: The Last Generation

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