Our 9 Biggest Questions From the \'Pretty Little Liars\' Season 6 Winter Premiere
Emily and Spencer on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

Our 9 Biggest Questions From the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Winter Premiere


The Pretty Little Liars Season 6 winter season started off with a bang — or more accurately, a shove.

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Five years have passed, Charlotte is dead, and we have a lot of questions about WTF is going down in Rosewood. Here are the nine biggest head scratchers we're left with after the shocking winter premiere.

Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars
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Is Charlotte really dead? Yes, we saw her body, but this is Rosewood, where people appear dead while being secretly alive all the damn time.

We're not sure what it would take to be truly convinced Char is a gonner, but an unmutilated body definitely isn't it.

Who killed Charlotte? That said, for now we're going to roll with what the show is telling us, and what it's telling us is the woman formerly known as "A" was murdered. Who carried out the gruesome deed?

It seems like this is the question of the season, and while we have some shot in the dark theories, right now, we really have no clue.

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Emily on Pretty Little Liars
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What are those pills Em is taking? Emily has clearly struggled big time in the last five years, and we saw her popping pills this episode. Are they antidepressants? Is she hooked on painkillers? Is she sick? Were those also needles we spotted in her bag? Inquiring minds need to know!

What's up with Caleb and Spencer? It was clear from this episode Caleb and Spencer have way more of a bond than anyone else knows about — but what kind?

The way they downplayed it, we're thinking the connection is romantic, but it's also possible they have some other type of partnership.

Are they going into business together? Have they somehow already figured out something sketch is happening in Rosewood again and are investigating? We don't want to leap to conclusions.

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Hanna on Pretty Little Liars
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What exactly happened between Hanna and Caleb? While we don't have too many problems filling in the blanks with the Spoby breakup —they were long distance, Spence is totally the type to spend all of her time studying and doing extracurriculars in college, leaving no time for her man — we need more info on exactly how and why Hanna and Caleb split. He moved to New York for her afterall!

What's Mona after? Let's be honest: This is basically always a question.

The original "A" was as cryptic and mysterious as ever, and her decision to tell the judge to let Charlotte go has us super curious. Did she really just sympathize with a fellow Radley inmate, or did she have an ulterior motive for wanting "A" 2.0 out and about?

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Alison on Pretty Little Liars
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Is Ali really redeemed? The show seemed to present Alison as a whole new person, one who just wants to connect with her family and have a happy life. But is that really the case?

The former mean girl showed shades of her old, manipulative self in the way she pushed the Liars to speak for Charlotte despite their feelings, and we can't help but wonder if she'll revert to her old ways now that her sis is gone.

What's Ezra's deal? This former teacher is clearly struggling. The story we got from him — he was doing service work in South America with Nicole when his team was attacked by revolutionaries and she was kidnapped — is easily traumatic enough to explain his behavior, but on this show, we never trust we're getting the whole truth the first time we hear a story.

Did something else happen down south that he's not sharing?

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Jason and Ali on Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 4
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Where's Jason? We get that Ali's older brother didn't have the same sympathy for his sis, but still, he didn't even show up for the funeral? Or to speak against letting her out to the judge? What gives?

Hopefully the rest of the season will help answer these questions — not to mention all the ones we still had left over after the summer finale!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 6on Tuesday, January 19 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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