Emily Embraces Her Dark Side for ‘A.D.’ on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Pretty Little Liars

Emily Embraces Her Dark Side for ‘A.D.’ on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


We get hints of all the Liars’ dark sides, but in this Pretty Little Liars recap, we’ll see that one might be turning over to that side more quickly than the rest.

Season 7, Episode 12 shows the Liar most known for her niceness is going dark, faster.

When the show opens, we’re in love with seeing all the girls (minus Mona) together, even though they are hilariously arguing over the board game.

“How can she create a board game when she can’t even tell if her blouse is on inside-out?” Hanna asks about Jenna.

“Well, it didn’t stop anyone from selling her a firearm,” Alison replies.

“I’m not going to let Jenna or Sydney or any other sadistic freak who’s watched Jumanji too many times turn me into a 10th grade victim again,” Emily says.

They argue over who could have made it, but even more so, Emily makes the most passionate plea ever on the show to just go to the cops, storming out.

Later on, Aria leaves Ezra’s loft, and a journalist runs into her looking for Ezra. He’s doing a human interest story on Ezra reuniting with his long lost fiance, Nicole. Aria makes quick business of this, telling him she’s the fiancee, not Nicole, and storming off.

Cut to Emily and Paige in the locker room going over swim team roster and reminiscing about their own high school experiences, including Paige and Alison’s dark history. Turns out, there’s a high school girl listening.

You guessed it, that high school girl is the long-awaited Alison Derringer.

Queen Bee Addison tells Emily she missed practice the day before because she had a headache. But a bit later in Alison’s class, Emily confronts Addison, saying she didn’t have a legitimate reason. After some serious snark and some threats from Addison, Emily and Alison talk about how much like high school Ali Addison is.

If they really knew how similar the two mean girls were, they would have realized Addison was listening in on all their secrets, how close they are, and the fact that Ali is pregnant.

Worse, she took pictures of an *intimate* Emison hug.

Cut to Veronica in the Hastings kitchen when Spencer blows in. Apparently Peter Hastings is putting off coming home, which Spencer takes as meaning he can’t confront her over the true story of her birth.

Cue the theories because Melissa knew something was up, but didn’t know the specifics of Spencer’s parentage, according to Veronica.

At Lucas’s loft, Mona barges in on Hanna, carrying a Hanna-designed dress she showed Kate, unapproved, which Kate loved. Hanna panics, saying she can’t wear it.

But why? When Mona leaves Hanna spills to Caleb that she can’t let Kate have the dress because the design isn’t totally hers. She thinks she took most of the ideas Claudia, her boss from hell, gave her. Still, Caleb says she deserves this opportunity.

But seriously, let’s get back to Addison because she’s giving high school Ali a run for her money. Addison goes to Paige she’s not comfortable with Coach Emily because she caught Emily staring at her while she changed, and she’s inappropriate with the girls. That’s when she shows Paige the pictures of Emily and Ali.

Ugh, Paige shows Emily the photos, and that she accused her of hitting on her, and surprise surprise Paige and Emily get in another fight about Alison. They end up deciding Paige will supervise practice.

Aria is at Holden’s venue while he cooks for a wedding, and when he gets swamped she helps him cook, taking off her engagement ring to do so. Uh oh.

Spencer meanwhile has called Marco, who enters the barn “not as a police officer,” but in his running clothes. Spencer asks him to make finding Mary Drake a top priority because she’s her mother.

They go to Marco’s office to track Mary, but they are interrupted by none other than Jenna Marshall.

She tells them Noel killed Sara Harvey and was going to kill her too. She was only playing along as Noel’s accomplice. Noel’s parents cut him off and he needed some of Charlotte’s money. Naturally, Spencer tells all the other Liars, also telling Aria that she wants to forgive her biological mother.

When Spencer heads home, Veronica tells her that she and Peter have decided to sell their house in Rosewood.

There’s more bad news because in Holden’s kitchen Aria gets an alert about a story on Ezra and Nicole’s reunion, complete with happy photos. Holden spots the photos, but she makes out of there like a bat out of hell.

While Hanna and Mona are chatting fashion at The Radley bar, Jenna walks in wearing Hanna’s exact dress design for Kate in a different color. Mona confronts her, and Jenna says it was a gift but won’t say from who.

Hanna gets Caleb to join her in following Jenna, who arrives at Hanna’s cobbler, meaning that Jenna is stealing Hanna’s shoe design too. This is Caleb’s cue to confront Jenna, who is having an argument on the phone. While they’re distracted, Hanna sneaks inside.

In the dark cobbler shop, someone traps Hanna in a caged storage locker. Worse, all the tools start to whir on, and she has flashbacks about being tortured in the barn.

Just then she gets a text from “A.D.” saying how her time hasn’t come yet, and Caleb comes in to free her.

Meanwhile. Emily might be going off the rails because she tells Ali she thinks Jenna is setting up Addison to blackmail her. Now she wants to roll the dice on the endgame, but Alison won’t let her do it alone.

When they click the phone on the game, they see a video of Addison and her boyfriend in a car behind The Brew, at the time she said she was too sick for practice.


Emily then confronts Addison, threatening her with the video of her and her boyfriend behind The Brew. Seems like Emily might be teetering on the edge because now she’s yelling at Addison and sounding a whole lot like old-school Alison, or even “A” herself.

Luckily Paige interrupts with a copy of an email Addison sent about blackmailing her coach, and she’s in trouble.

Checking back in on Aria, she somehow makes her way to Nicole’s hospital and convinces someone to let her in. But before she can, Holden shows up and tells her not to do it.

Thankfully she takes his advice, and instead they share a pizza. He tells her to give Ezra time.

Emily has some soul-searching to do after that outburst, but before she can, she sees an envelope in her mail cubby. It’s another puzzle piece to the game.

Just then, she gets a text:

“Embrace your darkness, Em. I’ve had to. That’s how you win the game. A.D.”

When she puts the puzzle piece in the game Spencer thinks the picture is making a map. Does it want them to find something or someone?

No matter what, it’s clear “A.D.” is watching, as the show ends with a shadow outside the window looking in.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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