‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 14 Gives Fans Three Huge Revelations

Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 14 Gives Fans Three Huge Revelations


All we can say is OMG. Marlene King said every episode in Season 7B would have answers, but in this Pretty Little Liars recap of Season 7, Episode 14, we get three major revelations.

Let’s jump right into it, because tonight got bananas.

Pick up right back at Ezra’s apartment. Ezra walks in to see Aria sitting at the counter, and she tells him Nicole is sleeping in his bed. Turns out, she peaced out on Ezra and cabbed all the way to Rosewood without telling him.

But Aria isn’t having any of this, and tells Ezra that he may not have told Nicole all about his engagement to Aria, but she’s going to find out because her stuff is all over the apartment. Then she takes off on Ezra, too.

She turns up at Alison’s house to stay the night, instead. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a relaxing sleepover because someone dropped off the board game at Ali’s. When she opens the box, police sirens are blaring and the Aria and Alison pieces are moving around wildly.

When we get back from the intro theme, Alison is calling Spencer, who is in bed with Detective Marco Furey! But that’s not the only thing interrupting their kissy session, because while Spencer says she didn’t send Ali the board game, Marco gets an urgent call from work and has to leave.

There are more sleepovers (or “lack of sleep”-overs) at Lucas’s loft. Emily was out all night tracking Sydney with no luck, and Hanna ditching Lucas’s investors’ meeting means Lucas lost out on some funding and she’s now worried about losing the game, too.

Emily makes it to work late and runs into Paige who was offered a coaching position at University of Iowa. They’re quickly interrupted by Alison, and the awkward love triangle ensues.

Ali drops the big news that she’s decided to have an abortion because she feels like Archer is in control of this pregnancy too.

Speaking of awkward love triangles, Spencer heads back to the main house and finds her father home. In fact, he had been home for a week, allegedly tracking Mary Drake with a private investigator. Things are icy between father and daughter, even though he tries to apologize.

Goodness finally, Ezra and Aria are at the Brew talking about the Nicole-shaped elephant in the room. Nicole didn’t mean to run into Aria; she just ran away from the hospital to go to a place that felt like home: Ezra’s apartment. Ouch.

Now Nicole knows about Ezria, and Ezra says that he still loves Aria and still wants to get married.

Meanwhile, back at the high school, Marco needs to speak to Alison about that finger he got from (probably) “A.D.” It is Archer’s, and he knows that it was cut from a dead body, not a live one. The case is now a homicide. Uh oh, Liars.

Cut forward and all the Liars are together in Alison’s house. She’s given them the news that “A.D.” is tipping off Marco to their involvement in Archer’s death, and let’s just say Hanna isn’t taking it well.

“This isn’t happening. No, ‘A.D.’ doesn’t get to poison Caleb, bankrupt Lucas’s company, ruin my reputation, and then expose us for murder all in one go,” she says.

She’s cut off by the game. It says “Solve the puzzle, get away with murder. Or fail and go directly to jail.”

They have to solve the puzzle before “A.D.” can spill to the cops, and Spencer says it’s clear now that no one can screw up their turn. Now, it’s Alison’s turn. She has to head off to a “mystery location” when “A.D.” sends coordinates.

Spencer now has to tell Hanna that she’s hooking up with Marco because he’s the one who could put them all in jail. However, Hanna quickly changes the subject and instead Hanna calls Mr. Hastings’ private investigator to find Mary Drake.

As if we haven’t had enough awkward love triangles (squares? hexagon?), Aria finds Ezra’s book pages all over the floor. Nicole had made notes in it, saying that one of their memories together kept her alive in captivity. So, basically, this happy Ezria reunion isn’t as easy as Ezra makes it seem.

Aria FaceTimes with Alison, telling her Nicole had a “setback” because of the book and is back in New York, but their convo is legit interrupted by a FaceTime from “A.D.” Ahh!

S/he shows Aria a picture of her file, the one that was missing from Aunt Carol’s house with all the other Liars’ files, saying that if Ezra knew what was in it he would definitely choose Nicole. What?!

At the high school, Paige and Emily have a serious convo about how Paige needs to leave town because she still feels like a high school girl, and Ali and Emily are keeping secrets. She soon learns what some of those secrets are, because Paige accidentally sees Alison’s pamphlets for terminating her pregnancy.

Clearly, this revelation changed something in Paige because, later on, she tells Emily she’s staying and kisses her.

Elsewhere, Spencer and Hanna are tracking down Spencer’s birth mom. When they follow a lead to Mary, they wind up at a house and none other than Pastor Ted opens the door. WHOA.

But after exchanging pleasantries, the two Liars walk away and, OMG, Mary Drake appears at the door behind Ted.

On a different search, Aria and Hanna find where “A.D.” wants Ali to go, and it’s a baby clothes store. Turns out, “Uber A” has set up a baby registry for Ali and wants her to pick out 10 items. It’s clear during this time Ali is having some second thoughts about not having this baby.

Also, the store has put a necklace on hold for the “egg donor.” You guessed it. It was Emily. Emily’s eggs impregnated Alison. Oh, and she finds her puzzle piece for finishing her turn.

Aria, however, misses this because “A.D.” messages her again. Aria tells this person she wants out of the game, and they text her a different place to meet. (Holy moly.) When she gets there, a limo opens its door, and Aria gets in (while we all scream and squeal from home). A person in a hoodie sits across from her, and when they pull off their hood it’s Sydney Driscoll.

“You shot Spencer, you helped Jenna escape, you made up the game? I barely know you Sydney, why are you doing this?” Aria asks. (It’s a great question BTW.)

Sydney says she’s doing it because “it’s no fun being on the losing team,” and she proposes that Aria join the “winning” side with “A.D.”

But wait there’s so much more excitement, because Pastor Ted has contacted Hanna and they are chatting over a drink at Lucas’s loft. He tells Hanna that he lied to her, that he has seen Mary.

He spills: Ted dated Mary in college and she has been staying on his couch for two days. After Hanna visited, Mary told him that they had a child together. That child was Charlotte.

Ted shows Hanna a picture. When Charlotte was known as Charles, she was one of Ted’s campers for troubled kids, but the pastor didn’t know he was the father. The picture is of Ted, Charles, and a younger boy. That boy was Charles’ only friend.

That boy was Lucas Gottesman.

Shut the front door.

But there’s even more drama, because Alison has to drop the news to Emily that “A.D.” implanted her with Emily’s eggs, and she remembers the procedure when she was at Welby. The baby isn’t Alison’s; it’s Emily’s.

The complicated family drama isn’t over, because Peter Hastings has been waiting up for Spencer to get home, warning her about how Mary is dangerous. He finally tells Spencer why.

The last time he saw Mary was when Spencer came back from rehab. She was in their house, dressed like Jessica, trying to get a look at Spencer. We finally get an answer to why "Jessica" was in the Hastings house.

“She wanted revenge,” Peter says. “She was unhinged, to say the least.”

So Mary Drake killed Jessica DiLaurentis, and tried to frame Peter.

Oh, and all this means that Peter knew about Charlotte before the Dollhouse. W.T.F.

Finally, all the Liars are back together again. Even Aria, who is late, and everyone is angry at her. They finally spill that Ali is pregnant with Emily’s eggs, so now everyone knows. And it is supposed to be Aria’s turn up next.

One by one, high school photos of the Liars start showing up on the game, but it lands on Hanna, not Aria. It’s Hanna’s turn again.

To say she’s not happy is an understatement.

“Made a decision yet?” Aria gets a text from “A.D.” And the episode is over.

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