Aria Plays for the Dark Side in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 15
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Pretty Little Liars

Aria Plays for the Dark Side in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 15


It’s Troian Bellisario’s episode! We’re stoked to delve into IRL Spencer’s directorial debut in this Pretty Little Liars recap of Season 7, Episode 15. There’s the infamous Dark Aria, there’s the triumphant return of our favorite British doctor, and there’s some resolution on the Emison baby.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Aria is hiding out behind the dumpster at what looks like the Brew when she gets another FaceTime from “A.D.” This time there’s no “go-betweens,” it’s “A.D.” shimself.

Except it’s creepier, because “Uber A” is using Aria’s own face to talk to her.


Aria says that she would never do anything to hurt her friends, but “A.D” isn’t having it, reminding her about her file and how it could put Ezra in jail. Instead, he or she says that together, they are going to finish the game.

Now, the four Liars are together at the Brew and Emily says that she and Ali have decided to do a blood test on the baby to see if “A.D.” is telling the truth. Hanna also has news to spill: Now everyone knows that Lucas was friends with Charles.

The question they all have is one we have, too: Are Lucas and Charlotte still friends?

Hanna wants to prove that Lucas definitely isn’t on the dark side, but they all want to investigate to make sure.

Speaking of investigating, Spencer shows up at Marco’s office to give him cupcakes, but she’s really there to do some prying of her own. She asks her new boyfriend about the finger he received, and Marco seems pretty darn suspicious that Spencer and her friends knew that Archer was dead… and maybe killed him.

Which of course is totally true, but still bad news for the Liars — and Spencer’s relationship.

Also having relationship woes? Ezria. At his apartment, Ezra says that Nicole’s parents want him to come back to New York.

Aria doesn’t get a chance to worry about that for long, because as soon as Ezra takes off, Aria gets another call from “A.D.” dressed as herself. S/he wants inside information on the rest of the Liars, asking Aria to tell her what Spencer and Hanna were doing yesterday out of Rosewood.

Aria does spill that they were looking for Mary Drake, but instead they found Charlotte’s father. When “A.D.” hears that, they hang up.

Meanwhile, at the high school, Paige and Emily talk Alison being pregnant, but not the whole stolen-eggs story. Still, they share an intimate hand hold. Almost right after that, Alison and Emily get proof that Emily’s the mom via the DNA test. But, interestingly, Archer is not the father.

Emily leaves to help Hanna search Lucas’ loft for evidence that he’s either innocent or guilty. But the conversation quickly turns to what Emily and Alison are going to do with the baby, and which “mom” truly has agency over the fetus to make that decision.

Much to Haleb shippers’ joy, Hanna reveals that she has been thinking a lot about having a child with Caleb. That excitement is quickly interrupted when the two find a comic book called “Arcturis.” Written by Lucas and Charles.

The hero is a kid who has been bullied and his partner is an shapeshifting woman who acts as his protector by torturing his enemies. They quickly see the connection between Lucas and Charlotte.

Marco is conducting his own investigation by interviewing Alison in his office, saying that he’s almost certain that Archer died the night Ali left the hospital, and that more than one person covered up his death. Is Marco the only good police officer that has ever been in Rosewood?

Later on, Aria is talking to “A.D.” on FaceTime under the cover of darkness, telling shim all about Lucas’ comic book and where it is. It looks like Aria has to go steal it, as “A.D.” flashes the numbers “214.” (Rabid fans will remember the number as “BAD,” or Jenna’s apartment number.)

It certainly seems that way because when Hanna returns to the loft to check on the comic, it’s gone. Next time we see Aria she’s in Rosewood High, opening locker 214 and slipping the comic book inside. When she has second thoughts, she goes back in and it’s gone. In its place is a black hoodie.

Back at Spencer’s barn, she finds a note from her birth mother: “Need to talk. Please. - Mary” In response, Spencer leaves a note in the same place. When she checks back in, it’s gone, and there’s a new note, plus a key.

Meanwhile, Emily and Alison have a difficult talk: Emily wants Ali to have the baby because she wants a chance to raise the child.

Afterward, Emily meets Paige at the Radley and tells her everything about the baby. Paige realizes she has to leave town and not come between her and Alison.

Hanna heads to the Brew for coffee and runs into Mona who has weird news. Lucas has put the factory space for Mona and Hanna’s fashion business up for sale. Hanna, of course, has weirder news. She reveals the board game to Mona.


Mona realizes that it’s running on batteries, and they’re going to have to finish the game for the batteries to run dead. When she goes to touch it, a box cutter pops out. Frankly, Mona loves it.

“Think about the mind that conceived this!... It’s brilliant, it’s beautiful,” she says, and OMG we missed Mona.

Aria arrives back home to Ezra’s apartment and he is packed to head off back to Nicole. Finally, Aria gives him pushback about how ridiculous he is being, saying that he can easily call doctors on the phone, and that he can’t fix everything for her.

“If you’re in the middle, I did not put you there,” she says, and basically we all are applauding at home.

She flat-out asks him to stay, but he leaves.

Spencer is finally meeting up with Mary Drake, and it’s at some abandoned house. Totally abandoned, it seems, because Mary isn’t there. Instead, Marco Furey shows up, having followed her from the barn. He interrogates her, asking who she was supposed to meet.

“Every theory I can come up with about Archer Dunhill keeps circling back to you and Alison and your friends. Especially to you,” Marco says.

Turns out, that steamy night at the bar when Spencer and Marco met, Spencer accidentally paid for the drinks with Archer Dunhill’s credit card. And she signed for it. Our suspicions were true!

Back at Alison’s house, Ali wakes up from napping to Paige’s face over her. Whoa! But all Paige wants to ask is whether Alison loves Emily.

Alison says that when Emily looks at you, she sees who you really are, and that’s the scariest part. It’s clear she does love Emily. And that seems to be enough for Paige, who leaves.

Checking back in on Hanna, Mona, and the game. Mona casts doubts on Lucas having made the game, that it’s not a computer, that it was “lovingly” made.

Hanna wants Mona to help her play the game. But Mona says she can’t, because playing with people’s lives like this is an addiction, and she needs to put it behind her. Hanna fights back: “Imagine how you’ll feel when you beat it.”

Next we see Ezra he’s at the airport, and he spies Spencer, who (OMG, OMG) is chatting with Wren Kingston. Wren is on a layover, and in private, Spencer tells Ezra that she’s trying to get Charlotte info from Wren because Wren once let CeCe Drake into Radley.

Looks like Ezra’s next stop is home, because he’s back at the apartment with Aria. He didn’t get on his flight. He heard what Aria was saying. Unfortunately, this is also when “A.D.” FaceTimes, and Aria doesn’t answer.

Sadly that’s the last we see of Wren because next we’re back at Alison’s house and Emily has just walked in. Alison tells Emily she also wants the baby and they’ll do it together.

Meanwhile, Spencer is back at the loft and gets another message from Mary: “You brought the police. I understand. Goodbye.” Noo!

In an “A-tag” we see “A” manipulating a message for Aria. It seems like because Aria didn’t answer the phone after being warned, “A.D.” is ready to release her file.

The show ends as we hear a morphed “A.D.” voice burst into evil laughter.

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