One of Our OTPs Ties the Knot on \'Pretty Little Liars\' Season 7, Episode 18

Pretty Little Liars

One of Our OTPs Ties the Knot on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7, Episode 18


Shippers, this was the episode for you. All your ship feels will be indulged in this Pretty Little Liars recap of Season 7, Episode 18. There’s even a Liar wedding!

Let’s start back at the beginning because that’s when all the lovey-dovey starts, too.

Open on Emily and Alison being all romantic and kissy in the DiLaurentis house, and they’re about to get down to some sexy business in the bedroom when they see someone moved the game onto the bed. Then they spot the new puzzle piece Aria added when she got her file.

As if on cue, police sirens blare outside, but it’s not about a possible intruder. The police have a search warrant for the house, and it’s not just Alison and Emily. Hanna’s house is also being searched, and the police show up at Aria’s just after she shreds her unfiled report on Ezra.

By some “A”-style mystery, however, the board game is gone. And even crazier, when Spencer barges into the police station to find Furey, she’s instead met by the new detective, Linda Tanner. OMG.

Tanner says that Marco took himself off the case — right after he spilled all about the Radley hookup, ping pong game, and everything about Spencer.

“I am impressed at how well you played him. But then again you and your friends were adept at that sort of thing,” Tanner says. Ouch.

Spencer shuts down and won’t talk to her, but Tanner gets in one last jab about how she always felt Spencer was guilty of something.

Across town, the police are searching The Brew, and have taken Aria’s phone. That won’t stop “A.D.” though, because some burner phone starts ringing, hiding in the wall. Aria picks it up and says that she has done everything “A.D.” asks and now she wants to meet him or her. “A.D.” says they’ll meet tonight if she wears “the uniform,” aka a black hoodie.

The show cuts quickly and it looks like Mona has been listening in on the whole call. Either that, or she’s the one who left the phone and made the phony call in the first place. We guess we’ll find out soon!

With the apartment under search, Hanna shows up to stay at the Radley with Ashley. Ashley clearly thinks Hanna needs her help, but out of love, Hanna won’t let her get involved.

When Hanna goes up into her hotel room, all the Liars plus Caleb are there, minus Aria. Spencer hands out burner phones so they can all communicate while theirs are with the police.

Emily quickly slips and spills that she and Alison are dating, and everyone has a “duh, finally” face.

Caleb takes this chance to tell everyone his plan: He’s trying to use cell towers to locate “A.D.” from the board game and game cell phone, which is missing.

Not for long though, because Hanna picks up a tray of food in the room and there’s the phone. It lights up with “Choose or Lose!” (also the episode title name) “Just one plea, the rest go free. No one steps up, you all go down.” And then a clock starts ticking down from 36 hours.

“A.D.” wants them to pick one of them to go to jail for the murder.

Before they can react, Mona shows up and tells them they might want to talk to Aria because she’s on the “A.D.” team.

Mona drops all the evidence: Aria didn’t go to Ezra’s publicity event, when the nursery was trashed; Aria was in the Hastings house right before the recording played; Mona saw her get the puzzle piece; and lastly, she plays a recording of Aria’s call with “A.D.”

Still, Spencer says she wants “concrete proof.” Mona definitely seems like she can get it (which we know, too.)

Meanwhile, Linda Tanner’s force has found some evidence in Spencer’s shower drain. It’s little pieces of glass with traces of blood. Could this be windshield glass?

Downstairs at the Radley, Toby returns! And he’s bearded! Spencer runs into him and he said he had to come back for questioning from Tanner. He says it seems like Tanner has a solid case. When Toby straight-up asks Spencer if she had anything to do with Archer’s murder, Spencer dodges the question and leaves.

Later that night, Aria ditches Ezra and dons her black hoodie to go meet “A.D.” However, when she gets there the only people she encounters are all the Liars. Hanna pulls off her hood, much like everyone did to Hanna when she wore the red coat as a lure.

Aria tries to explain, spilling everything about her Ezra police report. They rightfully call her out for choosing Ezra over them. Spencer has the angriest reaction, saying that she’s done. But Ali cuts them off, saying Tanner just called her and wants them all at the police station.

All the Liars sit in an interrogation room together while Tanner lays out the evidence against them, starting with that bloody glass, which she says is a windshield shard from Lucas’ car, which was also under Archer’s fingernails.

Tanner says that they only ended up at the Dollhouse because they didn’t want her help. She’s telling them she’s ready to give it now, but Spencer marches all the Liars out of there.

On her way home, Aria calls “A.D.” and says that she knows he or she was never going to meet her, that they were only trying to separate her from her friends. When she tries to toss the phone out the car window, though, “A.D.” says that tomorrow will bring something new. What? We don’t know yet.

The rest of them — Alison, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna — go to the Radley bar and stress over the clock. Hanna says she should turn herself in because she was driving. Spencer says it’s her fault for the credit card, and Alison says it’s her fault because she married him in the first place.

Emily makes the valid point that if it wasn’t Aria, it would have been anyone else that “A.D.” forced to separate from the group, bringing up that Spencer once actually played for the “A” team herself. That causes Spencer to leave to go think.

What seems like the next day, Caleb is working on his laptop at the Radley when Ashley asks to talk. She needs to know what’s going on with Hanna, but uh oh, she thinks Hanna is covering for Alison. Next we see Hanna, she’s chastising Caleb for telling her mom the truth, so it looks like Ashley is in on this now, too.

It seems Spencer really was thinking because she shows up at Aria’s place and gives her a picture of all the Liars from when they were younger. Aria apologizes and while Spencer can’t forgive her, she did misjudge her, and none of them are blameless.

We’re getting some real Sparia action when Tanner enters the apartment with Aria’s stuff, saying she got evidence that Aria wasn’t in Rosewood the night Archer disappeared. She received footage of Aria in Keene, New Hampshire. Um, what?

Spencer has the same reaction, thinking this was an “A.D.” team thing, and storms out.

This is just when Ezra walks in and Aria spills about the report. Ezra already knew about the shredded document, he found it before she shredded it. But he says he deserved that, and he understands. Aria says she doesn’t feel that way anymore and she’s sorry and wants to tell him the whole grand story, but wants to do something first.

That something is some hooking up.

Speaking of hooking up, Hanna and Caleb are at the courthouse, and he got wedding rings. As a bonus, if they’re married, they can’t testify against each other. Ashley Marin shows up with flowers, and she spills that she knows the truth and is calling a lawyer, but today is all about the wedding.

Oh, and more hooking up! Emison is walking through the woods, until they arrive at the infamous kissing rock. Alison has laid out a blanket, pillows, and lanterns.

“If this is our last chance at freedom, let’s make the most of it,” Ali says and kisses Emily.

Meanwhile, Spencer shows up at Toby’s cabin. They share a beer, and Spencer says a very “Twincer” thing: “You know what it’s like to be the outsider… removed from your friends and your family.”

Spencer then brings up their kiss, and it quickly leads to another (big) one!

Cue the relationship sexy time montage! Everyone is taking off their clothes: Spencer and Toby, Alison and Emily, and Ezra and Alison.

Everyone except Caleb and Hanna, who are getting married. (!!!!)

The happiness doesn’t last long because they all show up to watch the clock wind down, minus Aria.

“I think that we should make a promise. No matter what happens next, no matter what each of us decides to do, we swear that the rest of us will understand. No one will be blamed for anything,” Hanna says, and everyone agrees.

The countdown hits zero and Spencer says “I’ll tell you what our choice is” and slams a rock down on the phone. Just in time, Caleb gets a hit on the game location and texts Ezra to meet him.

Meanwhile, Aria calls “A.D.” and says she is going to turn herself in, telling Tanner she killed Dunhill. “A.D.” however, says she’s too late. The game is over and Aria "won."

She won her freedom but things are going to be “a little messy” for her friends. “A.D.” says a final goodbye and the phone bursts into flames.

Still, Aria grabs her old phone from the evidence boxes and takes off for Spencer’s house. Except, her car seems to be making weird noises and dies. When Aria pops open the trunk, she screams. It’s Dunhill’s body and the police are right behind her.

Meanwhile we catch up to Ezra and Caleb and they are tracking the game to Mona’s apartment. We peek inside and Mona DOES have the game board.

She is admiring it with her old-school Mona glasses as we cut to black.

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