‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Did Noel Kahn Really Have Sara Harvey’s Phone?
Sara Harvey
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: Did Noel Kahn Really Have Sara Harvey’s Phone?


When Hanna went rogue to stalk her prime “A.D.” suspect Noel Kahn, she watched him toss Sara Harvey’s phone in the garbage.

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But according to eagle-eyed fans of Pretty Little Liars, Sara Harvey was calling the phone, it wasn’t actually hers.

Of course, Sara is dead — and not in the “Alison is dead” or “Mona is dead” way. So some fan theories think another suspect in her murder was calling the cell Noel trashed from Sara’s phone.

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Why? Check out this screenshot:

Sara Harvey’s Phone

At the bottom of the screen it says, “Slide to Answer.” Anyone with an iPhone knows this means that someone is calling the phone. We could assume that the caller ID popped up a photo of Sara, the caller.

Of course, the other answer is that someone is calling Sara’s phone coincidentally, and she happens to have a weird non-selfie picture of her own face as everyone’s caller ID and her backdrop.

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Not that we’d put anything past the mysterious Sara Harvey.

Suspicious Noel never admitted the phone was Sara’s, he just asked to see it before grabbing it away from Hanna. Why did Hanna immediately assume the phone was Sara’s? Has she used a phone before?

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Was this just a Pretty Little Liars mistake, or does it mean someone other than Noel Kahn is carrying the late Sara’s phone?

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