Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Spoilers: Aria\'s New Love & More
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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Spoilers: Aria’s New Love & More


Between New York Comic-Con and Paleyfest, this was a big weekend for Pretty Little Liars Season 6 spoilers. From conformation Aria has moved on from Ezra to Emily's rough time away from home, here are the 7 biggest things we learned.

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Aris is in love with someone new.
Sorry, Ezria fans, but these two apparently did not rekindle their relationship over the five year time jump. In fact, Lucy Hale told People her character is "in a relationship" with someone new when the show picks back up, and "she's very happy and in love."

That said, there's still hope for this huge ship, because Lucy also teases that when Aria sees Ezra in the winter premiere, "you can tell there's still that butterflies-in-her-stomach feeling." Apparently we'll see them have "a mature friendship," but, knowing Ezria, we're guessing romance won't be far behind.

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Alison has made up with CeCe.
We wouldn't blame Alison if she hated CeCe forever after all the bad things her sis did, but as we see in the first five minutes of the premiere, Ali is actually fighting for her sibling's release from a mental institution.

Sasha Pieterse confirmed to People that Ali is totally on CeCe's side, calling the reconciliation "good" and "healthy," and saying CeCe really has "gotten a lot better." Still, will the other girls see it that way

More to know about CeCe and Jason? Speaking of the woman formerly known as Big "A," at PaleyFest, showrunner Marlene King teased that "there is a little more to the Jason/CeCe dating story" than what we've seen. Is it possible Jason was clued in to the fact his "girlfriend" was actually his sister? That would be an interesting twist...

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Spoby might have a rough start, too. Troian Bellisario confirmed to People that Spencer is living in D.C., while Toby is still a cop in Rosewood — and no, it doesn't sound like they've kept up a long distance relationship. In fact, Troian put it this way: "There's a very complicated and long history between them. And that doesn't often lead to a very good relationship." Ouch.

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Emily's had it the roughest. Shay Mitchell told Entertainment Weekly: "Of all the girls, [Emily] has probably the hardest time."

Who is "he"? That's a mystery for another season. The Season 6 summer finale ended with a flash forward showing the Liars running into Ali's classroom to warn her that "he" is coming. However, as we see in the first five minutes of the premiere, the new season starts sometime pretty far before that moment; in fact, the girls aren't back in Rosewood yet, and Ali isn't yet married like she is in the flash forward.

You know what that means: we won't be finding out who "he" is anytime soon. In fact, at Comic-Con, Marlene teased that while we'll have some idea who the mystery man is by the end of Season 6, the full reveal isn't coming until Season 7. Would you expect anything else from this show?

We'll also catch up with the parents. PLL is airing a special “Flash-Forward” episode on November 24 which will give fans a taste of what happened during the time jump, and at PaleyFest, executive producer Oliver Goldstick promised we'll get an update on the parents as well as the Liars.

Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family, in January 2016.

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