‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Winter Premiere Date Revealed — Plus, Get a First Look!
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Winter Premiere Date Revealed — Plus, Get a First Look!


Pretty Little Liars is coming back into your life sooner than you think!

At New York Comic-Con, showrunner Marlene King announced a special episode called “Flash-Forward” that will air very soon — November 24! According to Marlene, the episode shows “some of what happened off screen during those five years to these characters.”

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Then, the season starts for real on January 12. As we saw in the Season 5 finale, the upcoming episodes will take us five years into the future. Also? The first four minutes of the premiere were revealed at Comic-Con, and you can watch the entire clip at Buzzfeed.

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Here are our four biggest takeaways from this opener: 

Ali Wants Charlotte Released 

Pretty Little Liars Letter
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The whole point of this opening is that Alison is apparently working on getting her sister released (from a mental institution, presumably), which involves a court hearing. All of the Liars have been summoned by the court, presumably to testify, and so she writes them, asking that they please talk to her first.

Hello, Mr. Rollins

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We know from the flash-forward at the end of the summer finale that Ali ends up marrying someone with the last name Rollins, and here, we meet the person we can only assume is her guy — or will be, one day. Based on this clip, it looks like their relationship is purely professional (if friendly) when the season starts. The mystery man is a doctor, who appears to be involved with CeCe’s case; perhaps we’ll get to see how he gets from there to hubby over the course of the season.

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Catching Up With the Liars

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The clip briefly shows us glimpses into all the Liars’ lives. Here’s what we know:

  • Spencer is in D.C., presumably working in politics.
  • Aria is in Boston, working either at a bookstore, or as part of a publishing company, or something along those lines — we see her helping out at a book signing.
  • Hanna is in New York, probably working in fashion. In this clip we see her on a plane (in business or first class, no less), but her note from Ali is addressed to an NYC address, and she has a bunch of fashion magazines with her.
  • Emily is somewhere warm (presumably California), working as a bartender. 

Ezra Has Written a Book

PLL Ezra
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We know from Aria’s part of the clip that Ezra is now a published author, and based on the way she contemplates it, we’re thinking they haven’t exactly been in touch. We're intrigued!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars “Flash-Forward” episode on November 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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