Marlene King Spills About Wren, Mona’s Future, and More ‘PLL’ Series Finale Gossip

Pretty Little Liars

Marlene King Spills About Wren, Mona’s Future, and More ‘PLL’ Series Finale Gossip


She may have stayed off social media right after the Pretty Little Liars series finale, but now Marlene King is ready to spill all the juiciest gossip about our last two hours in Rosewood.

Buckle up because she’s getting honest about that huge “A.D.” reveal, our favorite British doctor’s fate, and (OMG) hints of a Mona spin-off.

Spoiler warning ahead for the PLL series finale!


First things first: As Spencer Hastings (or was it Alex Drake?) would say, “Resquiat in pace,” Wren Kingston.

Pour one out for the Hastings-women-loving doctor and his untimely death in the Pretty Little Liars series finale.

Marlene says she had had different plans for Wren’s death, but scheduling conflicts forced her to switch around her plans.

“We were going to kill him on screen, but then we lost [Julian Morris], who was only available to us for one day,” Marlene says to TVLine.

Can we just appreciate how much presence Wren had in the finale for only one day of Julian’s filming?

(Plus: While Julian Morris could have slayed a death scene, we’re thankful we didn’t have to watch one of our favorite characters lose his life.)

So how did he die? Well, Marlene hasn’t exactly pictured it, but she says, “ I don’t think it was something he appreciated, and I think it was a surprise.”

And we all know how he ended up: With Wren turned into a diamond around Alex’s neck.

“She couldn’t stand the thought of him knowing she was Alex [and] not accepting her as Spencer. In her mind, she really wanted to be Spencer. She was warped enough to say, ‘Well, I’ll just turn him into a diamond so he’ll always be with me — and I’ll be Spencer!’” Marlene says.

Warped, indeed, but a truly epic death for Wren. Even Julian had fun with it.

And, by the way, Emily and Alison do find out Wren is the father of their twins, Marlene professes. Hey, at the very least, they have some good genes.

But where is that diamond now?

TVLine shrewdly points out that in Alex’s final scene  — trapped in Mona’s personal Dollhouse — she isn’t wearing Wren around her neck.

“No, but knowing Mona, she’s got it somewhere. She’s holding onto that,” Marlene says.

Wren’s final resting place is in Mona’s jewelry box, TVLine responds.


Even more perfect? We may not have heard the last of Mona Vanderwaal.

Marlene was thinking of having Spencer kill Alex in the series finale, but she changed her plans — partly to better serve Mona.

“We talked about a Silence of the Lambs ending where Alex gets away, then calls Spencer, and Spencer walks up behind her and shoots her. But I felt like for Mona to win the game and for the girls to live happily ever after was perfect,” Marlene says.

In fact, if you were really paying attention, Marlene tells The Wrap that Mona’s big game win was even more devious than it looked.

“We came up with the idea that this was Mona’s well thought-out plan to steal the game and ultimately win the game. If you notice, the guy who arrests Alex Drake is Mona’s boyfriend in the doll shop. It’s the same guy! So nobody ever called 911,” Marlene says.

Because of course, in Rosewood, no one ever calls 911.

Now that Mona has won, TVLine has questions about her future.

“How long can Mona really expect to keep Alex and Mary Drake in her dollhouse?” they asks.

“Not forever. We may hear more of that story in the future, fingers crossed,” Marlene responds. OMG, does that mean a Mona spin-off?!

Marlene does confirm that a spin-off (Mona or otherwise), is a “real conversation that is happening, but it doesn’t have a definitive answer yet.”

We'll take it!

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