You Can Now Read a Page from the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Script

Pretty Little Liars

You Can Now Read a Page from the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale Script


If you’re like us, you can barely wait another second for the Pretty Little Liars series finale. Luckily, there’s a little something to tide you over until next Tuesday.

You can read a page from the PLL series finale script! No, this is not a drill.

The scene in the script from Entertainment Weekly takes place at night in the Lost Woods Resort.

Quick refresher: Mary Drake put the deed to the Lost Woods in her niece Alison and daughter Spencer’s names before she turned herself into the police for the murders of Archer Dunhill (which she didn’t commit) and Jessica DiLaurentis (which she did).

And now, it definitely seems we’re getting that one-year time jump, because Ali and Spencer have rejuvenated the rundown Lost Woods and restored it to its former luxurious glory.

Do you think they got some advice from Ashley Marin after she helped with the Radley sanitarium-to-hotel remodel?

Now the girls are showing Ezra and Aria its new “cozy but swanky, lodge-like lobby.”

“I’d never know this was the Lost Woods Resort,” Ezra says to Spencer and Alison.

The (newly discovered to be) cousins can’t decide who should take credit for it.

“She’s the designer and the decorator. I give all credit to her,” Ali says about Spencer.

“Yeah, but I wanted to tear the place down and you convinced me we should keep it,” Spencer replies.

Then the script direction has Spencer putting her arm around Alison.

Whoa! Does this mean these two have finally put all their huge baggage behind them?

It definitely seems so. The script also says Aria is supposed to notice how close they are now.

Spencer and Ali haven’t yet told Mary Drake about their renovations, but they plan to visit her (seemingly in jail) together.

Just then, Emily pops in and interrupts. “You can come out now,” she says.

“What’s this surprise?” Aria asks, but Alison tells her she’ll have to wait and see.

OMG do you think Ali and Spencer have planned to host the Ezria wedding at the Lost Woods?

What else — or who else — could this surprise be?

That’s all we get to tide us over until next week’s finale!

Check out the script page below!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.