\'Pretty Little Liars\' Speculation: What Has Melissa Been Doing During the Time Jump?

Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Speculation: What Has Melissa Been Doing During the Time Jump?



Pretty Little Liars gave us a lot of answers in the summer finale, but it left us wondering how Melissa Hastings ties into the larger “A” game story and what her life might look like following the five-year time jump. Though we might never get an answer to that first question, we will be checking in with Melissa this winter season — and we couldn’t be happier to see her smiling face.

What has Melissa been doing during the time jump. Here are our theories…

Working Things Out With Her Family

The Hastings clan has never been a particularly close-knit group. Sure, they love one another and will do just about anything (including murder) to protect the family, but they’re not exactly the most communicative, functional family unit. Has this changed over the course of the five year time jump? Troian Bellisario shared this photo of herself, Torrey, and Lesley Fera (who plays Veronica Hastings) from the set of PLL’s upcoming winter season…

It seems like the Hastings’ girls will be spending some time together. Will it be more accepting and encouraging than previous Hastings’ women powwows?

Marrying Wren Kingston

Um, please let her have married Dr. Wren Kingston because that means he will have a reason to appear again on this show — and we miss Julian Morris so much. During the summer finale, he tweeted that he would be more than happy to tell more of Wren’s story…

Could that story be tied to the Hastings’ family through a marriage with Melissa? Last time we checked, Wren was living with her in London after a seeming reconciliation. Sure, these two have a lot of things to work through, but if they could get back together following Wren’s kiss with Spencer (really not a good decision), then they can get through anything.

Becoming a High-Powered CEO


With an MBA from UPenn, a wealthy, connected family, and a natural talent for just about anything she sets her mind to, Melissa has a lot of choices when it comes to the manner in which she plans to take over the world. Given what we know about Melissa and this show’s affinity for mysterious, quasi-corrupt corporations, we wouldn’t be surprised if she has one of our own. As Troian mentions in the above Instagram, the Hastings are pretty much the most powerful entity in Rosewood (and, you know, the world). Will Melissa come back to Rosewood to a) lord her success over her sister and b) offer help to the Liars, when pressed? We’re officially #TeamHastings, so we certainly hope so.

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