Alison and Emily Are Taking Their Relationship to the Next Level on ‘Pretty Little Liars’
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Pretty Little Liars

Alison and Emily Are Taking Their Relationship to the Next Level on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


We were already stoked for the next episode, but these Pretty Little Liars spoilers for Season 7, Episode 16 have us desperate to watch it now.

Emison fans have been through the ringer this season (and basically all of the seasons), but there’s some good news coming as the will-they-won’t-they couple is taking their relationship to the next level.

Ezria, on the other hand, is still struggling through their relationship drama. And speaking of drama, “A.D.” is upping the ante for both Hanna and Aria on both sides of the game.

But let’s start with the better news: Emily is moving into the DiLaurentis house with Alison!

In the wake of their (totally violating) Emison baby news, Emily starts to set up a nursery in one of the bedrooms to cheer up Ali.

(Sidenote: Is this where Dark Aria will set up her freaky mobile and tear the head off a teddy bear? Because that’s so sad.)

“I know it’s a little early, and I know it’s not going to be a permanent situation, but I just figured while the baby is here….” Emily begins, walking Alison into the beginnings of a nursery.

“Em, stop. This is great, and you can stay as long as you want,” Ali responds.

OK, it might not be the best start of a new relationship, but Ali and Emily moving in together is good news for shippers regardless.

Now if Ali can just tell Emily how she feels!

As for the nursery itself, Emily searched the attic for some of Ali and Jason’s old baby stuff, saying that Jessica DiLaurentis was basically a hoarder.

Hmm… is it just us, or do you suspect that some other things are hidden in the DiLaurentis attic that might be of use in their “A.D.” identity search?

See what you think in the full sneak peek below!

Elsewhere in Rosewood, despite Ezra not flying away to see Nicole in the most recent episode, it’s not happily ever after for Ezria. Far from it, in fact.

When Ezra walks into his apartment, Aria is distracted looking at the creepy voicemail from “A.D.,” the one that threatened her for sending “Uber A” to voicemail.

Turns out, that super scary message has been haunting Aria at night, too, because Ezra says Aria was tossing and turning in her sleep last night. Heck, we understand. It gave us nightmares, too!

Ezra hopes to put a big band-aid on all this Nicole drama by offering Aria ballroom dancing classes for their first wedding dance, but Aria is less than enthused, saying she “can’t commit.”

Ouch. Was that a dig at how Ezra couldn’t commit to her?

Either way, they don’t get to talk about it much because Aria gets a text from Spencer that says, “Ali’s house. Now. Things just went south,” and Aria blows Ezra off and walks out.

Looks like secrets don’t bring people together after all. Watch it all unfold in the second sneak peek:

The final preview puts us in Alison’s house again where things are going south. Everyone, even Caleb, is there, and the board game wants Hanna to begin her turn.

The message on the game phone should ring some bells to Pretty Little Liars fans: “Pick up my homework or go to detention. Remember, prison food makes you fat.”

The second line about prison food is the exact same line Mona sent Hanna back in Season 1 as "A."

The game has placed Hanna’s piece at Rosewood High, and it wants her to go to a computer repair center and deliver what she finds to the school.

But Hanna isn’t the only one playing the game.

“A.D.” messages Aria immediately after Hanna gets her message: “Hanna thinks it’s her turn, but yours isn’t up yet and you’re playing for me.”

Something tells us this won’t help Aria’s nightmares.

Watch the whole promo below and get super excited (and freaked out!) for next week!

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.