We’ll Finally Meet Addison Derringer in ‘PLL’ Season 7, Episode 12
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We’ll Finally Meet Addison Derringer in ‘PLL’ Season 7, Episode 12


There has been an insane amount of speculation about a particular new character in Rosewood, and according to this episode sneak peek and Pretty Little Liars spoilers, Season 7, Episode 12 is when we will finally meet Addison Derringer.

Yes, we’ll come face to face with the new Queen Bee.

Actress Ava Allan made a huge splash in PLL fandom when she announced she would be appearing on our favorite show as a suspiciously named Addison Derringer character.

There have been loads of fan theories since the announcement: Was Addison Derringer just a pseudonym the show subbed in so no one would know she would be playing a young Mary Drake?

Or maybe, would Addison kick off another Pretty Little Liars spinoff (RIP Ravenswood) about a new young Queen Bee like Alison DiLaurentis?

Well, in this sneak peek video of “These Boots Are Made for Stalking,” we learn at least the former theory is debunked.

In a karmic turn of events, Addison is a student in Alison’s class at Rosewood High. She also is on Emily’s swim team. And let’s just say she definitely has some of the characteristics of a young Ali.

“What do you need, an x-ray? My head was throbbing, listening to your rusty whistle wasn’t going to help,” Addison tells Emily when the coach tells the student that she didn’t have a valid medical excuse for missing practice.

“You’re off the lineup for Saturday’s meet,” Emily responds.

“You sure you want to do that?” the student says.



The similarities between young Alison and Addison aren’t lost on the two besties, either.

“Is it just me or is she…” Emily starts.

“She’s worse. At least when I threatened adults I looked up from my phone,” Alison says.

And the similarities don’t stop there.


Addison listens from outside the classroom and eavesdrops on Emily and Alison, as they talk about Alison’s pregnancy and share an intimate hug.

It seems Addison might love little secrets, too, and that can’t be good news for the Liars.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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