It Looks Like Emily and Alison Might Get Married in ‘PLL’ Season 7, Episode 18

Pretty Little Liars

It Looks Like Emily and Alison Might Get Married in ‘PLL’ Season 7, Episode 18


First there was the Ezria engagement, then the Haleb one, and now fans think these Pretty Little Liars spoilers are showing an Emison wedding.

Marlene did promise a romantic Season 7B, but whoa.

In the promo trailer for Season 7, Episode 18, the voiceover announces “Choose or Lose” will have “hookups, breakups, and a Liar’s wedding.”

Naturally, the first thought is it will be Haleb’s wedding, because Caleb said they wanted something low-key and simple. Hey, maybe they get engaged and a couple days later hit the courthouse to make it official, right?

Either that or the next thought would be Ezria, even though we pretty much know their wedding will be in the Pretty Little Liars series finale.

However, if you look closely at the images in this video, it shows two hands exchanging gold rings. Both of those hands look pretty feminine, with subtle manicures.

Of course, this isn’t to say it couldn’t be Caleb or Ezra’s hand, but it sure looks more like Emily’s or Alison’s.

PLL wedding rings

There’s more evidence, too. This exchanging of rings scene already happened with Haleb, so it wouldn’t mean as much to happen again immediately in the next episode.

Plus, last year, Marlene King tweeted an Emison line from Season 7, Episode 18 that sure gives off some wedding vibes.

Emison shippers, get prepared to squeal, because this could really be happening.

There’s also more good news for Emison lovers: The sneak peek for the episode shows that we might be getting some of that “HBO-level sex” Marlene promised.

Emily and Alison stumble into Alison’s bedroom, as Alison unzips Emily’s shirt, before they are rudely interrupted by the board game moving.

See for yourself in the full sneak peek:

In the full promo for the episode, the rest of the Liars seem to be having a less-fun time.

The biggest news? Hanna and Spencer catch Aria going full “hoodie” for “A.D.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if “A.D.” set this up just to drive a wedge between the Liars, but hopefully it results in Aria being able to relax, tell the truth, and stop having musical number nightmares.

We also see that “A.D.” did give Aria her file — containing her unfiled report on Ezra being a predator — in the last episode.

So it’s a bit confusing when later in the promo, Aria is screaming at “A.D.” on the phone that they have given her nothing. What do they have on her now? Or is she now playing “A.D.”?

Moreover, it looks like Aria might discover Archer’s dead body in the trunk of a car just as the police show up.

Also, Toby is back! And we see Spencer caressing his newly bearded face, which is giving off some Spoby vibes.

Could these two come back together after everything? Guess we’ll have to keep watching, knowing how much Marlene ships Spoby.

See the whole promo for the next episode below!

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