\'Pretty Little Liars\' Ships: Status From Best to Worst
Aria and Ezra on on Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 9
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Ships: Status From Best to Worst


We have a lot of time to think about what might change on Pretty Little Liars during this five-year time jump. There are so many factors to consider, but one element we’re most eager to find out about is the state of all of our favorite PLL ships. How are they faring heading into the winter season? Here is the state of the PLL ships, from best to worst.

Ali/Her Husband

Surprise! The Liar apparently in the most solid relationship following the time jump is none other than Alison DiLaurentis. That is if her marriage is anything to go by. In the short glimpse of what the Liars’ lives will look like after the time jump we got in the summer finale, we found out that Ali is married to someone names Rollins. From spoilers, it seems that the husband in question is Dr. Rollins, a local psychiatrist. Could Ali have found her happily ever after? Perhaps, but nothing is ever as it seems on this show. Could Ali’s new husband be the “he” who is coming for her? For now, we’ll rank Ali’s relationship as the most solid on this show because, frankly, everything else is up in the air and a marriage certificate means something, you know?

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These two are seemingly solid heading into the time jump, but that doesn’t mean they will be once we catch back up with our girl Hanna in the winter premiere. It looks like Hanna might be engaged — but we’re not sure if it is to Caleb. There is talk of a new guy, Jordan, “a sophisticated-yet-approachable 27-year-old working in the fashion industry.” Could this be Hanna’s beau? Because we’re not sure, Haleb still ranks pretty high on this list. After all, last time we checked, Caleb had a secured a job that would not only pay for their rent in NYC, but Hanna’s college tuition. Best boyfriend ever?


Though Paily was seemingly not-solid when the summer season ended, what with the pair not having spoken in ages, don’t think we didn’t notice that Emily was on her way to Pepperdine University, aka a college on the west coast — where Paige currently is. Did she decide to go there so she could be closer to her ex? We think it was definitely a factor. These two broke up not because they didn’t love one another, but because Paige had to get the heck out of murderous Dodge. (Smart move, if you ask us.) Did they get back together during the five-year time jump? We hope so.

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Yeah, we’re rooting for these two. We’re not really sure what their chances of staying together are, especially given that they are probably both off at college. But Mike and Mona have been through so much together and seem to accept one another for who they are, flaws and all. We think there’s a chance Mike and Mona are still together following the time jump, and you won’t convince us otherwise!


Spoby may have technically been together pre-time jump, but things have been weird between these two ever since Toby became a cop and started ignoring Spencer, and Spencer started kissing random dudes. We’re not saying these things are deal breakers, but we are saying that not talking about them — which seems to be Spoby’s go-to move lately — is. Throw in the fact that Spencer was going away to college and Toby seemed kind of lost about his next step following his suspension from the Rosewood P.D., and we’re not liking the odds that these two stayed together through the time jump. That isn’t to say they won’t get back together, of course...


Ezria is endgame. Let’s just get that out of the way. But we think there is no way these two crazy kids worked things out during the time jump. And, frankly, that’s OK. They needed some time apart. With Aria in college and figuring out who she is outside of any serious relationship and Ezra apparently in Thailand, we don’t think anything big happened for Ezria during the time jump. Add the other new guy in town — Liam, “a 24-year-old editorial assistant from Boston” — and we’re thinking Ezria is not solid. Come this winter season, however? All bets are off. (Sorry, Liam.)

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