5 “A.D.” Suspects Based on Who Built the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Board Game
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5 “A.D.” Suspects Based on Who Built the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Board Game


The premiere of Season 7B began the Endgame for Pretty Little Liars — literally.

The Liars were “gifted” a super high-tech board game from “A.D.,” which uses programmed videos, a detailed map of Rosewood, some kind of contraption that can legit spout out letters (and who knows what else!), and “A”s favorite item, a cell phone.

Quickly, they determine Noel Kahn wasn’t smart enough to plan this all out, but who is? We have five Pretty Little Liars theories for who “A.D.” could be based on this crazy board game.

1. Lucas

This seems like a no-brainer. Lucas built his fortune programming apps, so he clearly would have the know-how to build this elaborate mobile phone-based game.

Not only that, but Lucas has been mysteriously missing for what seems like ages. Maybe he was hunkered down building Liars Lament.

Frankly, with the board game, all signs are pointing to Lucas as the lead “A.D.” suspect.

2. Mona

As the first “A,” Mona has time and time again proved you shouldn't underestimate her.

She has serious computer hacking skills, so it’s not out of the question that she could build this game, and when she was “A,” she pulled crazy, complicated tricks and hacks on the Liars all the time. Maybe in the last several years, she’s been honing her skills.

It’s also worth mentioning Mona was not a pawn in the game, just Hanna, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Alison. Suspicious?

3. Caleb

We know: No one wants to suspect Caleb of being evil, but we have to admit his tech skills alone make him a candidate for the Endgame architect.

He and Mona have also seemed dangerously close since after the five-year time jump (remember when they fixed each other’s coffee orders?), so maybe there’s something he’s not telling us about that time gap.

For the sake of Haleb shippers everywhere, let’s just move on.

4. Wren

Of course Wren has to pop up in a list of “A.D.” suspects.

He’s a doctor (if you believe he’s a doctor), so he’s had extensive education in the sciences. It might not be too much of a stretch to think he’s smart enough to pull off something this complex.

Aside from the game, so many people have theorized that he’s somehow connected to Archer Dunhill, the other evil British doctor once in Rosewood, which would place him firmly in the “bad guy” camp.

5. Melissa

This one is a further stretch, but we know the Hastings family can do anything they put their minds to. Melissa is extremely smart and well educated — we know because even Spencer was always falling short in living up to her achievements — so we shouldn’t put these tech skills past her.

Plus, the game is a very detailed map of Rosewood, where Melissa lived almost her entire life. She would certainly know it the best out of everyone on this list, especially considering her connections to the spying N.A.T. Club.

Oh, and she was pals with CeCe Drake, so maybe she knows more than we think.

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