\'Pretty Little Liars\' Time Jump: Why Does Emily Have It the Worst?
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Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Time Jump: Why Does Emily Have It the Worst?


When we return to Pretty Little Liars Season 6 this winter, we'll be five years in the future. Obviously a lot will happen to the Liars over this time jump, and not all of it good.

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According to Shay Mitchell, "of all the girls, [Emily] has probably the hardest time," during this mysterious five years. That immediately makes us worry for the fierce Little Liar.

So, why have things been so tough for Em? We have a few guesses. We'll have to tune into the Five Years Later special on November 24 to find out if we're right about one — or more! — of these potential problems in Em's life.

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She has her heart broken, again.
Emily has already been through a lot of heartbreak, what with thinking first love Alison was dead, and then second love Maya actually dying, and then third love Paige moving so she didn't die, too. Can this girl take another broken heart?

She struggles to find a job. In the sneak peek of the first few minutes of the winter premiere, we see Em is a bartender. That's a totally fine job if you want it, but it's possible it's a sign Emily struggled to find other work. Or maybe she's tackling a problem many 20-somethings face: not knowing what she wants to do with her life.

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One of her parents die.
We really hope this one isn't true, but Em is literally the only Liar with two loving, supportive, not-creepy parents. Does she lose one? Maybe her amazing but not very plot-relevant dad dies in combat? That would certainly lead to a rough few years...

Catch the new Pretty Little Liars Five Years Later special on Tuesday, November 24 on ABC Family.

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