\'Pretty Little Liars\' Time Jump: Where Will the Non-Liars Be?
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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Time Jump: Where Will the Non-Liars Be?


We’ve spent a lot of time collecting spoilers and speculation about where the Liars will be after the five-year time Pretty Little Liars  jump, but what about all of the other fools on this show?

The PLL world is populated by so many characters we know and love — or at least are dying to find out what happened to. (Did Jenna and Lucas go to prom together? Are they married with kids now?). Though we’ve already speculated what the Liars’ love interests might be up to following the time jump, here are our theories about all of the other non-Liar characters’ fates…

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If Lucas and Jenna aren’t married with kids, then Lucas is probably running a local photography business. Senior photos, kids dance recitals. That sort of thing. He’s making good enough money and has become surer of himself since his rock-bottom high school years filled with bullying and “A” machinations. As he’s so tapped into the local community, he could be a resource for the Liars as they return to Rosewood to solve their latest mystery.

Mike Montgomery

Five years from now, Mike will still be finishing up college where he splits his time between class, the lacrosse team, and hanging with awesome girlfriend Mona. After graduating, he plans to work in the mental health field, helping teens deal with mental illness.

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Veronica Hastings

Veronica is just as driven as always. She is about to become a judge, and has remarried since her divorce with Peter. Her new husband is a hot yoga instructor who has helped Veronica to let go a little bit and focus on the here and now rather than her next deposition.

Pam Fields

Due to a recent promotion, Wayne is able to spend much more time in Rosewood with Pam, which is great because she had a hard time transitioning to Emily moving to the other side of the country. Pam resumed her work at the police department, and eventually took the course/test/found the cereal box badge to become a cop. She is the most competent police officer the Rosewood P.D. has ever seen.

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Ashley Marin and Jason DiLaurentis

Ashley rejoined Jason at the realty and the two now have a booming business (mostly as a result of Ashley’s killer business sense). They also reconnected romantically following the Liars’ move to college. Though their dynamic is still complicated, they are the hottest couple in Rosewood. (What? We can dream.)

Ella Montgomery

Despite her own children’s tradition of truancy, Ella is now the principal of Rosewood High. She is well-liked by both the teachers and the students. She found love with the new English teacher and they double date with Ashley Marin and Jason DiLaurentis.

Andrew Campbell

Andrew went to some Ivy League university and got a bagillion-dollar salaried job straight out of college. In his free time, he researches and writes books about obscure Russian authors and never thinks about the Liars.

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Dr. Sullivan

Between the close of Radley and the ridiculous amount of trauma-afflicted residents in Rosewood, Dr. Sullivan’s practice is booming. Mike Montgomery interns for her in the summers and the two try to avoid chatting about dolls, fake deaths, or anything that starts with the letter “A.”

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