Get the Behind the Scenes Scoop of Troian Bellisario’s ‘PLL’ Directorial Debut
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Get the Behind the Scenes Scoop of Troian Bellisario’s ‘PLL’ Directorial Debut


It’s finally that time for Pretty Little Liars: Troian Bellisario is directing tonight’s episode, “In the Eye Abides the Heart.”

If you thought you were super excited, just wait until you hear Troian and the rest of the Liars give their behind the scenes takes on how happy they were with Troian in the director’s chair.

We’ve always known Troian is insanely talented as an actress. She gives a knockout performance as Spencer Hastings, and she has worked her heart out in various other projects in movies and TV. She even has major writing and producing credits coming soon.

But when you hear Troian’s castmates speak about her as a Pretty Little Liars director, you know this star can do anything.

As Lucy Hale says, “She’s one of those girls that whatever she touches turns to gold.”

“When I first found out Troian Bellisario was going to be directing an episode, I mean it’s something I think all of us girls knew was going to happen eventually,” Shay Mitchell says in Entertainment Weekly’s behind-the-scenes video.

All of them knew it was coming because Troian was totally destined for major success.

“Troian has won so much more respect from me after seeing her direct. I already respected her so much as an actress,” Janel Parrish says.

Day 1.

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Troian also gets to direct such an exciting episode for fans. First of all, we’re going to get more of Dark Aria, as it seems she starts playing on “A.D”s side — or at least pretends she is.

“I got to direct Lucy [Hale] to be evil,” Bellisario says. “She’s wanted so badly to be bad, so let’s make you really bad. Let’s have fun with these performances… she went crazy.”

We are so excited!

Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 15 also sees Mona’s return. In the episode, Hanna introduces Mona to the crazy board game, and she tries to get Mona to help the Liars.

Troian and the show creators saw the scene as asking Mona to return to an addiction, something she had put behind her. And it seems her perspective really shines through.

“She’s one of my favorite directors I worked with on the show,” Ashley Benson says.

Shay Mitchell totally agrees: “She truly gets the best performances from all of us girls in this episode.”

Troian says her success directing is because she has known all the actresses so well for seven years.

“It was a total dream. Not only have I worked with these women and know what they’re capable of, but I also have deep, deep friendship and trust,” she says.

Discussing script thangs with the director of our next episode ... Our very own @sleepinthegardn

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The IRL Liars know Troian’s Pretty Little Liars directorial debut is only the beginning for her career.

“It’s an honor really to watch her do this,” Sasha Pieterse says.

Shay adds: “I have no doubt in my mind that she’s going to continue directing other projects in the future.”

We completely agree, Shay! Watch the whole video here:


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