Keegan Allen May Have Just Accidentally Confirmed the ‘PLL’ Twincer Theory
Keegan Allen
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Pretty Little Liars

Keegan Allen May Have Just Accidentally Confirmed the ‘PLL’ Twincer Theory


Just before the series finale, Keegan Allen is dropping info about what happened to his partner Lorenzo, his gummy bear incident, his mourning beard, and most importantly, the Pretty Little Liars Twincer theory.

When asked about the popular fan theory that Spencer has a twin, and that twin is “A.D.,” Keegan noticeably deflects the question, turning his answer into an explanation of Toby’s beard.

Hmm… did Keegan just accidentally confirm the theory with this deflection?

BuzzFeed chatted with real-life Toby Cavanaugh and — as they fully admit — tried to get him to spill spoilers about the Pretty Little Liars series finale.

They think they succeeded, and we do, too.

Just take a look at their question about Twincer: "We haven’t seen Toby since he slept with Spencer in the cabin, and now his phone is switched off. Is this because Toby actually slept with Spencer’s TWIN?"


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Hey, we were all thinking it!

Keegan’s answer is very… suspicious. Here’s how it starts:

"You know I’ve heard a lot of theories about this kind of stuff. I feel like at the end of everything, all these theories will be debunked, answered, and everyone will have what they want.”

Sure, OK. Keep going, we won’t tell!

But look at where his answer goes now:

“I can tell you though, I was rocking a pretty sick beard during that scene — it was a real beard — and then in the finale I was going to have an even BIGGER beard but I had to shave it. I went through three-and-a-half hours of makeup to have a huge beard, and I went on the set and no one could take it seriously, because I looked like I was from Castaway… so we took it off.”

“So in the finale, I don’t have a beard anymore, like I might get fired but the show is already off the air... um, I just told a big secret, I don’t have a beard anymore in the finale! Anyway, that was that,” he continues.

Avoiding answering the question, Keegan?

We think it's very suspect that he goes off on a long story about Toby’s beard instead of just leaving it at his whole “theories will be debunked or confirmed” answer.

Moreover, Keegan does confirm Toby will share a scene with “A.D.” in the finale.

Looking back at Toby’s scenes this season, he has barely shared a scene with anyone but his now-deceased fiancée Yvonne and Spencer (or Twincer). Off-screen, he was said to be fishing with Caleb. That’s about it.

When BuzzFeed asks about the “A.D.” reveal, he echoes a lot of the rest of the cast, saying that it makes sense and it’s “mind-blowing.”

“It’s like filling in the golden puzzle piece for sure. Fans will have the biggest, mind-blowing, exploding heads… it is the absolute bookend the show needed, it answers a lot of questions, it puts a lot of things into perspective, and it’s a great send-off,” he says.

One thing that he thinks didn’t make sense, was Bethany Young killing his mother as a child. (Same!)

This time around, though, Keegan promises way fewer plot holes for the big reveal.

“There are some plot points during the show that you could literally drive a train through... until the end of the show, that is. The finale will make so much sense to so many people, because they’re like, 'This show has plot holes the size of Swiss cheese!' and like yeah, but it will make sense at the end,” Keegan says.

But Keegan wasn’t just talking about the Pretty Little Liars series finale. He clears up some questions about Toby’s time on the police force and his questionable fashion.

First off, he admits he doesn't think Toby was a good cop. (Again, same!)

“I feel like Toby decided to be a cop one night, around 8:30 p.m., logged onto his computer, went to, printed off his diploma, went to work the next morning, and was a police officer,” Keegan jokes.

Huge LOLs.

One of his worst days on the force had to have been when he ate pot-laced gummy bears.

“He was high AF and ended up being like 'Where I am?' and the police officers all around him were like, 'Dude you can’t be a police officer anymore, cause you’re high.' He was just lit, and then he got fired, pretty much," Keegan quips.

However, his partner Lorenzo was much better at his job.

“So I think he just became a detective and he just worked his way up and he’s important now, he’s on like Lethal Weapon now or something!” he says.

And as for that infamous du-rag Toby wore? Keegan claims it was a mistake. He put on the du-rag for rehearsals to keep his hair down because it had to look like Toby had a shaved head. It was supposed to come off for the real taping, but the filmed rehearsals went to production instead.


Keegan signs off the interview with a little bit of a prediction. Sure, he loves trolling fans, he says — remember when he said Toby was definitely dead? — but he has been putting out easter eggs that are real hints, too.

“When the show ends, I can go back and be like: 'I said this and nobody picked up on it!' I've done interviews and I’ve totally divulged things but nobody picks up on it,” he says.

We’ll tell you this, Keegan: We’re definitely picking up on your silent Twincer theory confirmation.

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