Marlene King Drops Spoilers on the Multiple ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Weddings
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Marlene King Drops Spoilers on the Multiple ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Weddings


Wedding bells are ringing in Rosewood! One of those Pretty Little Liars weddings is coming tonight on Season 7, Episode 18, but who will it be? And what about the other couples?

Well, Marlene King and costume designer Cameron Dale just dropped some Pretty Little Liars spoilers about those nuptials at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, and we have some theories based on the scoop.

First of all, just like we always suspected, more than one Liar would be walking down the aisle in the final episodes.

"We've always said that there was going to be at least one wedding, but I can promise you that in the next three episodes, there will be two more weddings on the show," Marlene said.

Why was the costume designer involved, you ask? Well it wouldn’t be a PLL wedding without a totally on-point, glam wedding dress, of course!

Or would it?

Marlene spilled a little secret that "some" of the Liars getting married aren’t wearing a wedding dress.

Instead of that traditional white dress, some of the Liars will get married wearing… bridesmaids' dresses.

Say what?

We’ll get back to that, because we have some theories.

Cameron, the costume designer, did have to search out at least one wedding dress for a soon-to-be-married Liar, however. And it was a super stressful endeavor.

"It was scary!" Cameron said. "It's so secret — I was trying to talk to designers and I was like, 'I can't say anything!' I'm just always so scared to reveal anything."

Come on, Cameron. You can tell us! We won’t spill.

So was it an edgy style for Aria? A chic, fashion-forward look for Hanna? A laid-back dress for Emily? A yellow ruffled gown for Alison (just kidding!)? Or hey, was it a smart, preppy gown for Spencer? (It could happen! But it probably won’t.)

Cameron wasn’t going to spill those details, but that’s OK because the bridesmaid’s dress tidbit has our minds ready with some theories.

Marlene said there would be two weddings on the show, but maybe there are more marriages.

Perhaps tonight, Caleb and Hanna have their low-key wedding ceremony at the courthouse that Caleb said he wanted. Maybe in that low-key ceremony, the rest of the Liars are bridesmaids.

That would mean bestie Emily (and maybe Ali, too!) would be wearing a bridesmaid’s dress. And maybe then she and Alison decide to make that one wedding ceremony into two marriage certificates!

Why else would a bride be in a bridesmaid’s gown?

That leaves the door open for the series finale Ezria wedding we always suspected would happen.

Could it be? Could three of our OTPs really be getting married? Marlene has been known to spill a secret that really hides a bigger one, and we think this could happen.

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