Rachel Lindsay Says Bryan Abasolo’s Mom Is “Pressuring” Them For a Baby
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Rachel Lindsay Says Bryan Abasolo’s Mom Is “Pressuring” Them For a Baby


If we’re honest with ourselves, we were all a little scared of Bryan Abasolo’s mom during his Bachelorette 2017 Hometown Date.

The fierce Colombian matriarch had no problem telling Rachel Lindsay what would happen if she broke her son’s heart — exact words: “I will kill you” — and we fully believed her.

But now that the two are happily engaged, she must have calmed down a bit, right?

Not so much, it seems.

During the After the Final Rose special, Bryan reassured the audience that his mother was “so happy” to have a new daughter-in-law joining the family.

“She loves Rachel, they’ve spoken a couple times since the proposal and they get along great,” he gushed.

That very well might be true, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be less of a meddling mama!

The newly-engaged couple is still a ways away from tying the knot, recently teasing a possible wedding date of “next December, maybe early January of ‘19.”

However, it sounds like the chiropractor’s mom can’t wait that long!

“His mom actually is pressuring us for babies,” Rachel reveals to Us Weekly.

She adds, “She’d be happy if we started a family right away.”

Unfortunately for Mrs. Abasolo, she has a long road ahead of her before that comes.

“I do want to wait until after we get married,” the Dallas lawyer spills.

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Once they do tie the knot, though, kids are definitely on their radar. And seeing as they want more than a couple, it will likely be a quick turnaround!

"We want three or four,” the 32-year-old gal shares.

“We’ll see what's in the cards. It’s a fun thing to plan.”

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In the meantime, they’ll get some practice with Rach’s dog Copper, and potentially another furry addition!

The Bachelorette admits, “Bryan is obsessed with dogs and he really wants us to get one together, specifically a small dog. He keeps saying, ‘Bae, we have to get a small dog together.’”


First, they need to tackle where they’re going to cohabitate. As they’d previously mentioned, they’re between Dallas, L.A., and Miami — and La La Land is in the lead right now.

“Right now, L.A. is looking pretty nice, but we're not sure yet,” she muses.

Wherever they call home, it’s clear these two are happier than ever now that they can be public with their love.

On Wednesday, the Bachelor alum flashed her engagement ring during her road trip with her fiancé, which featured a lengthy singalong to hip hop classics from the ‘90s.

In addition to “Bling Bling,” they also danced along to Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up,” and Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop” and “Whatta Man.”

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It's unclear where they were headed, though we do know they'd just left Houston, where her family had thrown them a party.

Bryan met her mom’s side of the family, who “showered them with love,” judging by a series of pics and the caption hashtags “#familyfirst #houston #r&b #thankful.”

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So they're clearly bonding over family and music, but what else do these two have in common?

Seemingly everything, really! They even indulged in their love of sports recently, taking in a Dallas Wings WNBA game.

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Good to see these two in engaged bliss!