Newly-Engaged Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Talk Wedding & Baby Plans
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Newly-Engaged Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Talk Wedding & Baby Plans


Fans are still adjusting to the reality that Rachel Lindsay didn’t choose Peter Kraus in her Bachelorette 2017 finale.

But in real time, the Dallas lawyer has been happily engaged to fiancé Bryan Abasolo for months now.

So why wouldn’t they already be planning their wedding, right?

During last night’s live After the Final Rose special, Rachel and Bryan showed off their love for the first time, with the Miami hunk re-proposing to his future bride in front of the studio audience.

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The 37-year-old was clearly excited to announce his feelings to the world — and to be able to be with her publicly after only seeing one another “a couple weeks” over the last few months.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, they’re well on their way to combining lives, currently deciding between L.A., her hometown of Dallas, and his hometown of Miami as a homebase.

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“We just want to bring our lives together, wherever that may be,” she says.

As for their upcoming nuptials, those are already a talking point, as well — though the Bachelorette insists they’re taking their time.

“We’re not rushing anything,” she maintains.

“We’re just trying to build our lives together and get to know each other in a normal sense.”

During the interview with Chris Harrison, the groom lets it spill they had at least the season picked out, as the 32-year-old gal has wanted a winter wedding for some time.

“And whatever she wants, she gets,” he quips.

The two elaborated on that date on Live With Kelly & Ryan on Tuesday morning, even dropping a tentative month and year!

The chiropractor details, “She wants a winter wedding, so we’re thinking — nothing set — next December, maybe early January of ‘19.”

A pretty rational timeline, if you ask us, considering that will have given them about a year-and-a-half together before tying the knot.

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That will also allow them to bring their two families together — including Bryan’s protective mother, who he does say has come around to his future wife.

“She told Rachel she’s so happy to bring her along into our family,” he details.

“She loves Rachel, they’ve spoken a couple times since the proposal and they get along great.”

Her family was also tough on the Colombian stud, but that’s also since changed.

“They just needed to get to know Bryan and see who he is and they have,” she reasons.

“They trust me in what I’m doing even though they don’t understand the whole process.”

With family on their side, have they thought of adding to their own brood with a couple of kids?

That’s a yes, apparently — he wants three, she wants four. Aww! The Live team even predicted what their little one would look like…

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We’ll probably have to wait a while before we hear possible baby names — Rach is not even pregnant, guys! — but on the topic of names, we’re about to tell you something that may surprise you.

Though she’s described herself as a nontraditional bride who will opt for a pantsuit over a wedding dress, the Bachelorette will be taking her future spouse’s last name.

So many exciting things ahead for the future Mr. and Mrs. Abasolo, but there’s no guarantee they’ll last.

If that sounds pessimistic, don’t blame us — blame host Chris Harrison, who said as much in an interview with Glamour recently.

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“Life's not so simple, I don't know,” he responded when asked if they’ll make it down the aisle.

He continued, “It's so easy to sit on the sidelines and be that Monday-morning quarterback and go, ‘No! They’ll never make it!’

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“It’s hard to make it. I'm the product of a divorce and my marriage failed, so I’m the first guy who's not going to be throwing rocks. I thought Ben and Lauren would make it, and they didn’t,” he noted.

The Bachelor “fairy godfather” concluded, “I hope Rachel does. That’s all I can say. I’m happy for them now, God bless ‘em, and I will do everything in my power to help them."

Fair enough. And for those still skeptical of their romance, listen to what the two had to say on their appearance on the Will You Accept This Ride? YouTube channel.

“I really do hope that people realize that we found something great and that they continue to follow our journey of love off-camera — whether it’s on social media or whatever else. Because this is real,” Rachel gushed.

Congratulations to the both of them!