Rachel Lindsay Says Peter Kraus Was “Manipulative” on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017
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Rachel Lindsay Says Peter Kraus Was “Manipulative” on ‘Bachelorette’ 2017


Anyone who watched Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus come face-to-face on the Bachelorette 2017 After the Final Rose could tell something wasn’t right.

Of course, it was bound to be awkward for the two to reunite for the first time since their (incredibly dramatic) breakup, but there seemed to be some underlying tension.

And now, the Bachelorette herself is elaborating on that tension — and commenting on her ex feeling “attacked.”

Thanks to his huge fanbase and favorable edit, Peter has received the benefit of the doubt with viewers after the finale.

Social media was lighting up in the hours after the finale, accusing Rachel of settling for fiancé Bryan Abasolo.

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In reality, the Dallas gal now says she was never “in love” with her runner-up, and she even has a laundry list of issues with the way he approached their relationship.

“I felt a little bit of manipulation there,” the 32-year-old states, adding that viewers ”have no idea” what went on behind the scenes.

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“The lack of commitment, you telling me that you want this future with me, but you didn't want to take the actions to have it... like, that's what triggered those emotions in me.”

She continues, “I felt like there was a lot of push and pull. I feel like he was giving me just enough to keep me and string me along, rather than being forthcoming with everything.

“And the thing is, when I walked in [the night of the breakup], I knew what I was going to do, and I still kept getting that push and that pull. So it was hard.”

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No wonder she was frustrated — girlfriend doesn’t like to play games!

Rach hopes fans will eventually be able to accept the “different side” of Peter that they saw during their split. She also alludes to the phrase he uttered that still makes her angry to this day.

“The man told me I was going to have a mediocre life if I wasn't with him, and then apologized about it,” she notes.

She then says, “And I'm not. I'm having an amazing life. These last few months have been absolutely amazing.”

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That came up during the ATFR special, but while he apologized for the diss, she didn’t seem to accept it — thus leading him to feel “attacked.”

She reasons, “I questioned him on why he felt attacked, and I don't know where that was coming from, and he couldn't really explain that either, so I don't know if he just threw that word out there, but he couldn't back it up.”


He could have been referring to when she basically sabotaged his chances for Bachelor 2018 by saying the show is “not for him.”

“I [wasn't just] talking about [being the] Bachelor,” she insists. “You have to take a leap of faith, and I struggled with that, and I thought Peter and I had that similarity.

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“I struggled with that on Nick’s season, but I eventually let myself go, because I knew what I wanted for myself, and I knew that coming into my season,” she shares.

After all of that, the 32-year-old reality star still had some kind words to say about him — while also shooting down the Bachelor gig once more.

“So it's not that Peter's not a great guy, he's not sincere and genuine. It's just that he takes his own pace, and that pace doesn't fit in this experience,” she maintains.

Meanwhile, the second-place-finisher himself is copping to the troubles in their relationship.

“Relationships are all about sacrifice,” Peter tells People.

“She and I had been having a conversation/borderline argument for about three hours. I knew it was not going to end the way that I wanted.”

He goes on to reiterate what we saw on the show, which was that he would “sacrifice my beliefs” of holding off on a proposal in order to “prove to her that I was in love with her.”

Ultimately, he knows now it was “too little, too late,” and though some — including Eric Bigger — think Bryan was the wrong one for her, the 31-year-old thinks she chose correctly.

“She knew that it wasn’t where my heart was at the time,” he admits.

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“I think we probably would’ve resented each other for it if she had agreed. I do think she made the right decision in the end.”