Revenge Series Finale Spoilers: Who Died?
Revenge Series Finale Recap: Who Died?
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Revenge Series Finale Spoilers: Who Died?


Last night was the series finale of Revenge, and with a title like “Two Graves,” it goes without saying that the hour was filled with heartbreak. How did everything end for Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) and everyone else? Read on as we take you through the show’s final installment character-by-character so you can learn the fate of your favorite morally corrupt Hamptonite.


Amanda Clarke: In her final showdown with Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), she had her gun aimed at the evil matriarch only to have her dad, David (James Tupper), fire the deadly bullet and kill his former lady love. Amanda went on to marry Jack (Nick Wechsler) in a flash-forward — more on that later. During said flash-forward, we see a flashback of Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) telling doctors not to tell Amanda whose heart she’d received that helped her recover from the gunshot wound, prompting one unanswered question: Is Amanda’s blood is being pumped through her body all thanks to Victoria’s heart? Creepy, right? That being said, we’ll never know because it was also presented as a dream. Status: Alive.


Victoria Grayson: Yeah, Victoria died and could be the organ donor that helped Amanda stay alive. Twisted, even for a woman who caused so much heartache. Besides that, though, Victoria also revealed that the body found in her exploded mansion was, in fact, her own mother. Making Mother’s Day even more horrible, Victoria described the woman who gave her life as “a cruel, loathsome bitch who deserves to burn in hell.” Hmm, no love lost there! Status: Dead.


Nolan Ross: Turns out it was Nolan (Gabriel Mann) who defeated White Gold (Courtney Love). Don’t forget that he was trained by Amanda, after all. While Nolan didn’t get the happy ending we’d always imagined, he did remain alive and we’re chalking that up as a win. In the final moments, our favorite super genius was visited by someone, apparently sent by Amanda, asking for his help in another revenge-like case. But don’t get it twisted: Nolan isn’t getting a spin-off or anything, this would have most likely set the stage for Season 5 and beyond had ABC decided to order more. Status: Alive.


David Clarke: Yes, David shot Victoria and all’s right with the world, but he bit the dust in the finale as well. He told Amanda that his life’s mission was “complete” — you know, the one where he put his daughter on a revenge-filled mission to ruin the Graysons. In his final breath he began saying he loved her “infinity times…” but died before finishing the sentence. Luckily for us, TVLine confirms that the final word missing was “...infinity.” Sideways 8 forever, y’all! Status: Dead.


Jack Porter: Not only did Jack finally hook up with Amanda, he also survived his encounter with White Gold. After marrying his lady love — with David’s permission, of course — Jack was presented with Sammy 2.0 as a wedding gift from Amanda, making his story come full circle. Status: Alive.


Charlotte Grayson: Charlotte didn’t return for her mother’s funeral — neither did Patrick Osbourne (Justin Hartley) — but she did turn up in the flash-forward to fulfill bridesmaid duties for Amanda. Yeah, apparently they got over their drama and are finally loving sisters. Status: Alive.

That’s all, folks!