‘RHOA’ Star Kandi Burruss Reveals Why She Hasn’t Forgiven Porsha Williams Yet
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‘RHOA’ Star Kandi Burruss Reveals Why She Hasn’t Forgiven Porsha Williams Yet


Kandi Burruss is not forgiving Porsha Williams anytime soon.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars have not gotten along since Porsha brought up nasty rumors she heard about Kandi during Season 9.

And, though they’ve managed to not strangle each other’s throats during the filming of Season 10, they are by no means friends.

Kandi decided to address the haters on Instagram after they asked her to move on from the drama.

The 41-year-old revealed she can’t just forgive Porsha and move on.

"I normally don’t post people’s comments but @grammarci really explained how I feel,” she wrote.  

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“For those who watch #RHOA & say I should just get over the false accusations that Porsha said about me last year need to leave me alone,” she shared.

“You can’t just falsely accuse someone of trying to drug you & take advantage of you on camera with the intent of defaming them & think it’s just gonna be ok a month later.”

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She continued, “I’m still dealing with trolls who have taken what she said & run with it even though the truth came out that it was a lie."

Though she’s not opposed to reconciling with Porsha in the future, she’s asking people to “stop putting a timeline on when I’m [supposed] to forgive & forget.”

That seems fair enough, right?!

Porsha, on the other hand, seems ready to move forward with Kandi.

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"I came into this season just wanting to move forward, of course,” she said on The Daily Dish.

“I had already apologized at the moment when everything was kind of revealed [at last season's reunion]. And then I came into this season wanting to make sure she really knew it again sincerely from me,” she shared.

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“So I just came with the spirit of let's move on.”

She continued, “I'm from the South, so if I see you, I'm just going to hug you, and then also move back and give her space. That was my thing."  

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