RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards Opens Up About Her Sobriety: “I Feel Complete”
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Kim Richards

RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards Opens Up About Her Sobriety: “I Feel Complete”


Sobriety isn’t easy, but Kim Richards is doing everything in her power to maintain her new and healthy lifestyle.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who was featured quite a bit last season thanks to her feud with Lisa Rinna, has been focusing on her sobriety at the Skydog Ranch, a nonprofit that provides a home to at-risk mustang horses.

This sanctuary gives abused horses a home and people who are in recovery a place to volunteer.

“When I'm here and when I leave here, I feel, I can't describe it. When I'm here, I'm in it. I feel amazing. The horses make me feel so good,” the Bravolebrity tells E! News.  

“I feel like I'm a part of something so huge and I know I'm making a difference. It's such a big picture of what's happening and the changes happening and how they (the animals here) make me feel.”

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She continues, “There are no words to describe how I feel when I'm with the horses.  When I leave here, it's like I'm in another world. I get this incredible feeling and I can't wait to come back.”

The 52-year-old has put her alcohol-ridden past behind her and is determined to be the best sister, mother, and grandmother she can be.

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“Well, my one daughter just had her baby and he'll be one next month. The kids haven't made it out here to the ranch, Kimberly has been here but Brooke and Whitney have not,” she reveals.  

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“They definitely will though. My daughter Kimberly and my son Chad have been here.

She continues, “My older girls have not and actually I'm working on a little something — I am planning a fundraiser here and planning to get my family involved.”

Kyle Richards’s sister welcomed her first grandchild, baby Hucksley, almost a year ago.

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After years of abusing alcohol, Kim is maintaining her sobriety through the help of Skydog Ranch and the support of her kids.  

“I still enjoy being a mother as much as I did the day they were born. I still have so much fun with my kids. My daughter is married as you know and each of my kids has a significant other that makes them very happy,” she gushes.

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“Seeing my grandson and seeing all my kids with their significant other is so much fun. And for me to have this amazing life here with these horses, I feel complete. I really do.”

The addition of her grandson has not only repaired Kim’s relationship with her children, but her friends, too.

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“I have amazing friends, I have these amazing kids and their significant others and my grandson. I know that God has more out there for me but my life is so good today.

The reality star continues, “It really is, I just want to share that last part about how I feel — life is good today. Between my children, my friends, my grandson, my life here, I just feel very blessed and very grateful."

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We’re so happy to hear Kim is doing well! Maybe it’s best if she doesn’t come back to RHOBH, right?!