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Rihanna in “Total Shock” Chris Brown is Bringing Up Past Assault


A source has told HollywoodLife.com that Rihanna is in "total shock" that Chris Brown opened up about the end of their relationship.

In Brown's new documentary Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life he goes into great detail about his relationship with Rihanna, including everything that led up to the attack at the 2009 Grammy’s pre-party.

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Rihanna abused

Fans will remember that fateful night in 2009 when Brown beat Rihanna and shook the world.

According to HollywoodLife.com, a source close to Rihanna says that the singer is “pretty pissed Chris is bringing up their old drama again."


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The source says that Rihanna "never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise. The experience itself was hugely traumatic, but the way it played out so publicly added yet further to the trauma.” 

Dhavi Shira of Skye Lyfe has seen an early VIP screening of film. He says in the documentary, Chris claimed he hooked up with another woman when he first started dating Rihanna and claimed the guilt became too much and he eventually told her.

In the film, Brown talks in detail about how the pair had a prior history of domestic abuse, which is what eventually lead up to the infamous night, according to Dhavi Shira.

HollywoodLife.com's source says that Rihanna is determined to not let her past affect her future.

“Rihanna wants to be known as this fierce, independent, strong woman—not be tainted with this weak, victim label,” the source said.