Rob Kardashian’s Weight Has Skyrocketed Amid Blac Chyna Drama — Report
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Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian’s Weight Has Skyrocketed Amid Blac Chyna Drama — Report


Food doesn't always do a body good.

Rob Kardashian, who recently had an online blow-up at ex Blac Chyna, is so upset by the whole ordeal that he has gone into hiding.

His stress has reportedly led him to eat so much his weight has ballooned out of control.

A source told RadarOnline that the only Kardashian son is "binge-eating thousands of calories a day, scarfing down fast food, candy and soda.

“He’s the biggest he’s ever been."

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“He’s well over 300lbs now," an insider said.

"We don’t know as the scales don’t go up past that and he’s a heart attack waiting to happen.”

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“He’s been comfort eating big time,” the close family friend added.

“His fridge has become his best friend.”

Kris Jenner is reportedly getting very upset with her son's condition and wants him to get professional help.

“Kris has cut him off as of now, and she won’t be handing him another dime until he confronts his problems,” the source said. 


The momager wants him to fix his issues if he wants to fit back into the family.

“He’s got major anger and addiction issues, brought on by a chronic lack of self-esteem over his looks and his position in the family.”

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“This is such a desperate situation for Kris and the family," the source told the gossip site.

"[They are] plotting to force him to get help as soon as possible.”

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“He’s lost the will to live and if it wasn’t for his little girl he’d probably not have made it,” the friend said.

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The youngest Kardashian recently went on a tirade against Chyna which resulted in a restraining order from the model.