Roberto Aguire Dishes on \'Pretty Little Liars\' Character — Exclusive
Roberto Aguire
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Pretty Little Liars

Roberto Aguire Dishes on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Character — Exclusive


We're jumping five years into the future when Pretty Little Liars Season 6 returns next month, and that means a whole lot of new characters for us to love and/or find highly suspect.

One such new character is Liam Greene, an editorial assistant who works with Aria and, somewhat surprisingly, is Ezra's biggest advocate. Oh, and he's a total cutie, to boot. So, who exactly is this guy? Is he a new love interest for Aria? Is he really on the up-and-up, or is he secretly evil, like every third character on this show?

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Wetpaint recently chatted with the actor bringing Liam to life, Roberto Aguire, who answered all these questions and more. Well, as much as a Pretty Little Liars actor can answer, anyway!

Wetpaint: We're excited to meet Liam! Can you tell us a bit about him?

Sure! He's an editorial assistant in a publishing house in Boston. He's a really nice, charming guy; just very sweet, one of those people that you meet and you just think they have a really kind way of being, and genuinely care for other people and their stories. I think that's part of the reason why he went into publishing: he loves to tell stories, and he loves to have people tell their stories.

When we meet him in the series he's actually helping get Ezra's book published. He's been in contact with Ezra, and he actually works with Aria. So that's kind of how he got to Ezra, and he's doing everything possible to get Ezra published.

Roberto Aguire
Credit: Marc Cartwright    

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Given that he's a new guy who works with Aria, lots of fans are thinking Liam could be a new love interest for Aria. Any hint?

That's something you guys will have to see, if he is or if he isn't. Right now they work together and they have a great working relationship so... Who knows?

With you saying how nice a guy he is, our immediate thought is — OK, so obviously he's secretly evil!

[Laughs] That I can't tell you either! Hey, you can't say all the big bads on Pretty Little Liars have all been nice at first glance.

That's true. But lots of originally nice characters turn out to be sketchy, at the very least...

Oh my god, so then all the nice people are getting thrown under the bus!

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The Pretty Little Liars fan base is very passionate, and very opinionated. Have you experienced that yet, especially on social media?

I haven't actually been exposed to that yet. I've been told that the fanbase is pretty intense, and they're pretty diehard for their favorite Liar or their favorite relationship. But no, luckily I haven't been part of that. I've been really embraced for being part of the series, and everybody's really excited to see my character in the second half of the season, so it's been only good things so far.

Well, it's true it can also being a very loving fanbase. We're sure there will be lots of people who totally love you!

[Laughs] Thank you, I appreciate that! We'll see how that goes.

How did it feel to come into a show where many cast members have been working together for six seasons?

At first I was pretty nervous, and it was pretty intimidating, just because it's like walking in on a family. You walk in and there's the immediate family, the cousins, the uncles, the whole spectrum of it, and you're coming in as a newbie. But the really great thing about the cast and crew is they're really, really welcoming. I think, since they feel like a family, they want to make sure when you walk on the set, you feel like part of the family.

From the very first step I took on step and the very first person I met on set it was so welcoming and so warm. [Show creator] Marlene [King] was so great in kind of giving me the world — the directors, the actors, everyone was really informative and embracing, it was really a fantastic experience.

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Do you have a favorite story from set?

Well the first time I met Ian [Harding] was really really crazy, because he has this explosive kind of energy, and I'm little bit of that same cloth. I get a little bit crazy and passionate when I get in the room with other actors, I just want to play. When we met, it was who can out crazy the other, and it was just so much fun. And it just helped our characters, too. Since I have to be really passionate about wanting his story to get told — you want to start to create that dynamic outside of the set. That was probably the craziest thing, seeing Ian and being like Oh, we come from the same kind of crazy, that's awesome.

Obviously, this five-year time jump means we're going to be seeing a very different version of the Liars than we're used to. What is Aria like when your character meets her?

I think the greatest thing is, across the board, I think all of the girls have matured and become these young women with really cool characteristics that have come out of their experience in Rosewood. They've been able to tackle the real world and real world problems with a very unique perspective. They've obviously had to deal with what it is to be an adult, and what it is to live outside of that little Rosewood bubble, but I think they've come out as very strong people.

So, when I meet Aria, she's so passionate about publishing, she's so passionate about telling stories — I mean, you see her in the whole series, she's such a great, caring person, and she's very adult and mature and grounded in who she is.

I think people immediately flock to her because of that maturity and that solid nature of hers. So that's the Aria that I get to interact with. And it's great, because we get to meet as adults. I get to come in and have this great working relationships with her.

For more from Roberto, follow him on Twitter @robaguire.

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