The Bachelorette’s Ryan Bowers Goes on Racially Charged Twitter Tirade
The Bachelorette’s Ryan Bowers Goes on Racially Charged Twitter Tirade
Credit: Ryan Bowers on Twitter    

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The Bachelorette’s Ryan Bowers Goes on Racially Charged Twitter Tirade


The Bachelorette Season 8 contestant Ryan Bowers has a reputation for speaking off-the-cuff, but at least when he tried to win Emily Maynard’s heart he kept his opinions on U.S. race relations to himself. (He preferred to just nauseate Emily, Bachelor Nation, and the country at large with his quest for a “trophy wife.”)

Unfortunately, earlier today Ryan decided to put his sanity on a shelf to tell the world what racism really is.

“Racism: 1.whites disliking minorities 2.blacks voting 95%Obama bc he's almost black 3.latinos against sending illegals back ALL THE SAME!!!” he tweeted.

When another Twitter user asked Ryan if he was “almost white,” “almost black,” or “half dog maybe,” Ryan responded: “@JennaCross009 actually there is no way I'm all white! Shoot as fast as I am and high as I can jump probably half aborigine 1/3 ninja moves”

Why did he decide to bless the interwebs with such insight? Well, because Paula Deen’s in trouble, y’all.

“Matt Lauer and other [sic] who try to destroy Paula Dean [sic] saying she is a racist bc she truthfully says she has use [sic] the N word before is stupid!!” was how Ryan began his marathon two hours ofverbal vomiting tweeting.

For those lucky few unaware of the recent demise of Paula Deen, she’s the butter-lovin’ cooking star who’s been dropped by the likes of Food Network and Home Depot amid claims she racially and sexually harassed former employees.

Today, Ryan spent the afternoon serving up his thoughts about the Deen debacle. Here are the hottest dishes for a true banquet of intolerance. Bon appetit!

“For Paula Dean to admit she has made a mistake and used the N word is something that should be rewarded. We all make mistakes. Give grace!”
New rule: The phrases “used the N word” and “should be rewarded” don’t belong in the same sentence. Ever.

“Political correctness is such a cancerous thing! causes us to live in fear of what we may say. greatest growth comes from failing & learning”
If only there was a cure for this cancer! Wait. How about thinking before we talk?

The Bachelorette’s Ryan Bowers Goes on Racially Charged Twitter Tirade
Credit: ABC    

“Be rewarded for speaking the truth! The reward is grace not a cookie!! Her cookies are better than your anyway lol”
The secret ingredient is bigotry.

“Hey and if you don't want to hear the N word don't go down to the local park and play basketball or boycott rap music. Relax and live life”
Hey and if you really want to relax and life life, take a Paula Deen cruise.

“Same ppl calling Paula a racist are the same liberals having a problem with Christ in Christmas an in your school systems. PC is dangerous!!”
Who knew Ryan was a Mac user?

“Foolish Americans think they know racism. Go to Africa and other 3rd world nations and see men of same color commit racist tribal murder”
Just us or does “racist tribal murder” sound like a death metal band?

“I could never be a politician bc u have to lie and pretend too much to satisfy ppl.”
And lying to pretend you’re not racist seems like a lot of work.

“I'm going to go buy a Paula Dean cookbook today so that my trophy wife can use it one day!! Lol”
We’re beginning to sincerely doubt that day will ever come.

Source: Ryan Bowers on Twitter