Sadie Robertson Opens Up About About Body Insecurities, Jealousy (VIDEO)
Sadie Robertson Opens Up About About Body Insecurities, Jealousy (VIDEO)
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Sadie Robertson Opens Up About About Body Insecurities, Jealousy (VIDEO)


Dancing With the Stars Season 19 runner-up Sadie Robertson has been praised as a good role model for teens and tweens, and the 17-year-old Duck Dynasty star recently showed exactly why she's earned that praise with a raw, honest YouTube video where she opens up about her insecurities and encourages her followers to "live originally."

The 7-minute video, which you can watch below, shows Sadie as the normal girl she is: no makeup, hair down, wearing a loose t-shirt. She starts by talking about how she sees lots of people talking about "goals" and comparing themselves to others. Clearly, she's not down with that.

"I'm just going to be straight honest about everything," she says. "My name is Sadie Carroway Robertson. I am 5'7", I weigh 122 pounds, I wear a size 26 jeans, a small or a medium top... I wear a size two in a dress, and I eat all the time. Like, all the time. I'm not tonned. I don't have abs. No, definitely don't have abs."

She went on to explain that she's telling her fans all this because she wants them to know the rest of the reality, too: "I struggle with jealousy, and I struggle with comparing myself to other people. I struggle with worry, and I'm really hard on myself. I'm just like every other girl. I look in the mirror and I pick out the flaw."

We're proud of Sadie for owning up to her insecurities so that other people can feel less alone. Plus, this video isn't all negative. Sadie she goes on to talk about how she copes with her struggles... And what she wants her fans to do to help themselves, too!

Check out Sadie's inspiring message here.

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