Vlogger Sam Rader Kicked Out of Convention, Admits To Getting Physical
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Vlogger Sam Rader Kicked Out of Convention, Admits To Getting Physical


After YouTube star Sam Rader confirmed last week he had an Ashley Madison account, we had hoped the problems would stop there for the Christian vlogger. But there’s already been a new bump in the road for the married dad of two.


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Over the weekend, Sam, who rose to “fame” after posting a video where he informed his wife Nia she was pregnant days before announcing their subsequent miscarriage, was reportedly kicked out of a convention called Vlogger Fair. The Internet celebrity and other guests have different accounts of what went down, but all agree it was because he got physical with a few of the participants.

The vlogger confronted two people at the convention who had “ridiculed” how is family mourned the loss, People reports. Sam told the magazine one of the meetings went well and ended with him “forgiving” the other person, but he then tried the same tactic a second time, but it "backfired."

"’I can Tweet whatever I want,' was his response," Sam said. "Of course I was upset but in no way was I trying to cause any physical altercation. But he got in my face and put his chest against mine and said, 'Are you trying to start something?' over and over and over."


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Sam was then kicked out by the Seattle event’s management, though Sam insists,“ the threat of violence against anybody is completely false.”


Other attendees say differently. Vlogger Stark Raving Sane said in response to a Tumblr question, “To make a very long story short, Sam kept confronting people who were calling them out on Twitter and saying he wanted to punch them.”

Meghan Tonjes, a body-positive blogger, also had quite a bit to say about the incident on Twitter:

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Maybe this is one of those all publicity is good publicity moments for Sam?