‘BiP’s Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson Still Together and “Doing Amazing”
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Bachelor in Paradise

‘BiP’s Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson Still Together and “Doing Amazing”


Unless you were watching After Paradise closely last night, you might have missed a pretty major Bachelor in Paradise couple update: Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson are still together! Say what?!


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The controversial pair — Sam dated four guys throughout the course of Season 2 — were not in attendance at the live after show. But Sam’s good friend, Amber James — who “felt so bad” for her pal’s portrayal on the show — called in to give Chris Harrison and the audience an update on their relationship.


“Her and Nick are amazing,” Amber revealed. “She has gone on vacations, she’s gone to visit him, she’s met his family. He’s met her family. They’re doing amazing.”


Chris’s face speaks for all of us here, right?

Chris Harrison on After Paradise
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While it’s only been a little over two months since the finale filmed, if you’d asked us strictly off of Sam and Nick’s tepid relationship on last night’s episode, we’d never have guessed they’d last this long. Clearly their previous connection via social media was more of a foundation than we even thought!


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Nick took to Twitter following After Paradise to explain his and Sam’s absences on the show, and to thank Amber for doing the job for them.

For her part, Samantha also used social media to talk about their coupledom, gushing about her new man alongside an adorable (and recent?!) snap of the two.


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They might not be our favorite duo from this season — that honor obviously goes to Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, aka Janner — but at least this sort of validated all of the broken hearts left in Samantha’s wake (Juelia Kinney, Joe Bailey, Dan Cox, and Ashley Salter, to name a few)?