Sandra Oh Heaps Praise on Grey’s Co-Star Chandra Wilson
Sandra Oh Heaps Praise on Grey’s Co-Star Chandra Wilson
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Sandra Oh Heaps Praise on Grey’s Co-Star Chandra Wilson


Although we’ve had awhile to get used to the idea, we still get a little teary-eyed every time we remember that Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) is no longer a regular character on Grey’s Anatomy. But we’re pleased to see that Sandra’s exit from the show doesn’t mean she’s abandoned the cast who were her co-workers and friends for a decade. She attended the show’s Halloween party, and now, it appears she’s happy to shower her former Grey’s costars with compliments any day of the week.

This time, Sandra’s speaking out about Chandra Wilson, who plays Miranda Bailey on the show. And don’t worry — her reviews are all excellent. In a recent interview with Canadian news outlet The Globe and Mail, Sandra offered up her best advice, and it just so happened that one piece she offered up came with a kind reference to Chandra.

There’s this idea that you can’t be kind and successful, or that achieving success gives a free pass to being an asshole,” Sandra began. “I’m not saying you don’t see that, especially in Hollywood, but in my experience the most effective leaders are good people too. Being rude or difficult is not necessary.”

And after making that very true and very important statement, this is where the part about Chandra comes in.

“Chandra Wilson is someone I admire tremendously: She’s a mom of three, a full-time actress, a successful director,” she continued. “She will probably take over the world one day, and still she is deeply kind and compassionate and from there she elicits respect.”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Sandra. Now come back and tell us you miss her so much you’ve decided to return to Grey’s. What? We can dream!

Source: The Globe and Mail