Sara Ramirez Returns in Mary Lambert’s “Know Your Name” Music Video
Sara Ramirez music video
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Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez Returns in Mary Lambert’s “Know Your Name” Music Video


Get ready to meet your new favorite squad, Sara Ramirez included.

Mary Lambert just released a new music video riffing on Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” — but “nerdier and queer as hell,” as she says in the YouTube caption — and the Grey’s Anatomy alum has a major role.

In Mary’s music video for “Know Your Name,” a hooded figure tops the leaderboard at a barcade, defeating the singer and her posse.

That nemesis is unveiled to be Sara — or Sara “Solitaire,” as she’s dubbed in the video — and she squares off against Mary in an epic game of air hockey before the two drive off into the sunset together.

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“Know Your Name” is just one of seven tracks off the 28-year-old’s EP Bold, which she’s releasing independently with the help of over 1,600 Kickstarter backers — many of whom probably know her from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s track “Same Love.”

“There is even a new very, very gay dancey pop song that says ‘lady’ a bunch of times,” she wrote in her Kickstarter pitch.

Indeed, “Know Your Name” seems poised to become one of the album’s hits, but every dancey pop song needs a fun music video!

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Talking about the genesis of this music video, Mary tells Refinery29 she knew bars and restaurants are usually where you’d want to know someone’s name.

“But I go into this barcade where I live and have so much fun there and my assistant, Nadia, had this great idea,” she says.

“What if [you've got a crush on] someone who is really into arcade games?”

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Inspired by the arcade action and the ‘80s nostalgia of Ernest Cline’s YA novel Ready Player One — soon to be a Steven Spielberg movie — Mary came up with the idea that “a bunch of killer babes were great at video games.”

“I sorta ran with it. I said we gotta do a stunt squad, and we gotta make it sort of post-apocalyptic,” she tells Refinery29.

“I am kind of nerdy so I wanted lightsabers and all this stuff. It got kind of crazy and really fun, and I got more friends involved in it.”

“Jacob Tobia, Gabi Fresh, Firda Herryandhy, and Hazel Jade were brilliant and sexy and playful in each of their characters — I feel super lucky to know them,” Mary writes on YouTube.

“I met Sara Ramirez at a fundraiser for homeless LGBT youth this last year, and we immediately hit it off. When the concept for the video began developing, Sara was the first person I thought of. She was unbelievably generous with her time, energy, and enthusiasm for the video.”

Sara Ramirez music video
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For us Grey’s Anatomy fans, this video is the first time we’re seeing Sara on screen since she hung up Callie Torres’s stethoscope in 2016.

She doesn’t have any other on-screen projects lined up — at least none are listed on her IMDB page — though she continues to voice Queen Miranda on Disney Channel’s Sofia the First, as she has since 2013.

But Sara has been serving a higher purpose these days: advocating for LGBTQ populations, youth in particular.

And her role in the queer-positive “Know Your Name” video only continues that mission. She’ll always be a high-scorer in our books!