\'Saturday Night Live\' Debuts Anti-Trump Snapchat Show
Saturday Night Live Snapchat
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Saturday Night Live

‘Saturday Night Live’ Debuts Anti-Trump Snapchat Show


Saturday Night Live has gone mobile.

The hilarious sketch comedy show upped its game last night with a Snapchat Discovery show examining the lives of extreme anti-Trump protesters. 

Starring castmembers Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett, the Snapchat exclusive series, titled "Boycott," follows the lives of an anti-Trump couple as they make their way home from a protest. 

The show starts off calm enough with the couple hopping into an Uber, until they find out that Uber's CEO is associated with Trump and they have to leave immediately. 

Saturday Night Live Snapchat
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Things escalate when they hop into a Lyft and discover that a Trump supporter is an investor in Lyft.

So they decide to take a pedicab. All seems well again until the driver informs them that the pedicab is purchased on Amazon which also has ties to Trump. See the theme here? 

Things start to get extra crazy when they're forced to strip down out of their Gucci clothing because Gucci's flagship store is in Trump Towers. They also refuse to eat Kraft Mac & Cheese and drink Coors Beer because those companies have ties to Trump too. 

The hilarious sequence ends with them demolishing their bathroom, filled with Bed Bath & Beyond merchandise, because Ivanka Trump also supposedly sells diaper bags at the home store. 

Things settle down when they get a ping on their phone informing them that Uber's CEO had stepped down from Trump's advisory board. 

"It worked!" Bennett cries. "Our voices matter! They listen, we're not crazy!"

Of course, Snapchat wasn't about to upstage host Alec Baldwin who returned for a record-breaking 17th time this weekend.

And while we know the Emmy winner is funny as a variety of characters, we were all anticipating his return as Trump.

The comedian did not disappoint with a hilarious skit featuring the POTUS as a plaintiff in "The People's Court" against three federal judges who ruled against him this week. 

But of course, Alec couldn't take up all the fun.

Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones took up the role of Trump in a sketch when the 30 Rock star grew tired of playing the POTUS and Leslie pitched herself as Alec's replacement. 

Don't count out Melissa McCarthy whose return as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the cold opening had us rolling on the floor.

While Melissa claimed to have calmed down, a nod to Spicer's subdued demeanor after the comedian's first parody of him, she couldn't stay reserved for long. 

The comedian ended up downing an enormous stick of gum, attacking a reporter with a leaf blower and endorsing a pair of Ivanka-brand heels — a nod to Kellyanne Conway's urge that people go out and buy Ivanka Trump's products, a violation of federal ethics.

Just when you thought SNL couldn't get funnier, Kate McKinnon had to show up as Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Our stomachs hurt!

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