Scheana Shay Accused of Using Mike Divorce For ‘Vanderpump’ Storyline
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Vanderpump Rules

Scheana Shay Accused of Using Mike Divorce For ‘Vanderpump’ Storyline


You’d think most wives would want their husband clean, sober, and healthy.

However, it sounds like Scheana Shay felt differently — at least, if husband Mike Shay’s bandmate, Nicole Arbour, is to be believed.

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In fact, she says Scheana has been lying about her soon-to-be ex-husband for months just to have a storyline for Vanderpump Rules!

In a new interview, Nicole — who you may remember from the viral video, “Dear Fat People” — levels many accusations against her friend’s wife, starting with the rumors around Mike allegedly “going missing” last month.

“When Scheana reported that Mike was missing, he was performing live shows and she knew where he was,” the internet celeb tells

“He was on red carpet! Like that’s how much of a lie all of this was.”

Why would she allegedly lie about the music producer falling off the wagon as a recovering prescription pill addict?

Well, Nicole has a theory on that one, and it all comes down to jealousy.

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She muses, “She tried to sabotage Mike’s live show because she’s jealous that he was getting more attention than her.”

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The 31-year-old believes Scheana “made up” his abusing drugs and alcohol again to create an “interesting storyline” for herself on Vanderpump’s new season.

“That’s what sparked the breakup,” she insists, going on to use some harsh words against the SUR employee.

“Throwing your husband under the bus while he’s completely clean and sober and happy and working on something he’s completely proud of is disgusting,” she snipes.

But don’t worry about Mike, the songstress states, as apparently he was prepared for something like this to happen.

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“He knew that she would do this, so it’s not like anyone in his family or his friends are surprised,” she reasons. “She used him the entire time they were dating for stories.”

So what’s next for him?

“Mike is amazing and is very talented and I’m very happy he can focus on things that he’s good at with people who support him now,” she concludes.

Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.