Scott Disick Risks Serious Health Issues Following Years of Binge Drinking — Report
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Scott Disick

Scott Disick Risks Serious Health Issues Following Years of Binge Drinking — Report


Scott Disick’s partying ways may finally be catching up with him after all these years.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is reportedly risking his health following decades of partying.

We all remember the Lord Disick of years past — #TBT to the time he punched a wall — and though he did pull himself together for a few years, his recent string of late night binges could be causing serious damage.

Sources believe the 34-year-old is destroying his liver due to the constant drinking.

“Scott’s on a fast track to liver disease the way he’s going,” a source told Radar Online.

“His blood pressure’s not good either. There’s absolutely no way his body can carry on like this.”

The reality star has spent the past few months partying in various cities, including a few drunken nights in Las Vegas.

“He’s already starting to look kind of yellow in his pallor which has set off alarm bells his liver could be failing,” the source continued.

“He looks jaundiced and has to get a spray tan to give himself a credible color."

Since his recent bender in Cannes, France, the father of three has been seen partying with countless women, including actress Bella Thorne.

Though they looked cozy in Cannes, the 19-year-old recently opened up about why she’s not interested in hanging with the E! star.

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“I don’t drink, and he really drinks a lot. And it just ended up… I just wasn’t down. I was like, ‘I gotta leave,’” she told Complex recently.

“We were [at Cannes] a day and a half before I was like, I’m booking my flight and leaving.”

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However, the Famous in Love actress was spotted spending time with the party boy last week, so it looks like she’s changed her mind after all.

The fiery redhead and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex were seen leaving Lana Del Rey’s birthday party at 1OAK in Los Angeles on Friday, June 23.

“They both love to party and that is the sole reason why they hang out with each other,” a source told E! News.

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“It is pure fun. Scott knows that he is getting a rise out of the public and is sparking attention on himself when he hangs out with Bella, or any other young girl. He loves it.”

He’s also hoping to get a rise out of Kourt and prove he’s having a good time without her.

“Scott wants to show Kourtney [Kardashian] that he is having a good life and that Kourtney doesn’t affect him.”

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