Scott Disick Seen With Another Woman in Monte Carlo
Scott Disick Hosts Shrine 5 Year Anniversary

Scott Disick

Scott Disick Seen With Another Woman in Monte Carlo


It sure looks like Scott Disick didn't waste any time getting into this whole "open relationship" thing he reportedly has going with Kourtney Kardashian. Scott was seen out in Monte Carlo on Thursday with celebrity stylist and former Jared Leto flame, Chloe Bartoli, and judging from the pictures obtained at the scene, the two definitely appear to be more than friends.

In some of the photos, Scott and Chloe are dining al fresco. Scott carresses Chloe's hair in one photo, while she feeds him as he casually puts his arm around her in another. The two are definitely handsy—Scott has his hand on Chloe in every photo of them together at the table. The pair then move out to a sun deck, where Scott lays out catching some rays while Chloe is never far away in a swim suit. At one point, Chloe seems to assist Scott as he's drinking a cocktail. Like he's ever needed help in that department. Chloe then joins Scott in his cabana, laying next to him or across him as he drapes an arm around her. You can head over to TMZ for all the photos. 

Chloe and Scott reportedly used to date, and it definitely looks like there's still an attraction between the two. We reported recently that Scott and Kourtney are now officially in an open relationship, leaving Scott free to do what he likes with women while he's away from Kourtney. And we certainly hope that's true and that Kourtney's ok with this because if not, then Scott has some serious explaining to do.