‘Scream Queens’ Season 2: Which Characters Are Returning?
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Scream Queens

‘Scream Queens’ Season 2: Which Characters Are Returning?


As soon as we heard FOX had finally renewed Scream Queens for a second season, we were eager to know which of the eccentric characters would be back for more.

The horror anthology’s sophomore season will move from the campus of Wallace University to a hospital where "some most fascinating and bizarre medical cases are under observation” but the characters, so far as we know, will remain the same.

At one point showrunner Ryan Murphy said only two characters would move from one season to the next, but with such a stellar cast already established we have a feeling more people will show up again.

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“Ryan intends to bring some of the actors back from the first installment. I believe they will be in the same characters. Still, nothing is 100 percent decided,” FOX boss Dana Walden explained to E! News.

Scream Queens
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Added fellow bigwig Gary Newman, “It really hasn't been decided who's coming back and how many of them will be playing their old characters... Our instinct is that at least a few of those characters will be back as the same actors playing the same roles, but it it will be anthological in that there will be a time jump and they'll be in a different setting.”

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The execs may not know who we’ll see more of next fall, but Lea Michele, who played murderous Hester in Season 1, is down for another year.

​Upon hearing the renewal news, the 29-year-old expressed her excitement on Instagram, seemingly suggesting we’re not done with Hester yet.

Best news ever!!!!! We're back for season 2!!!! Ready for more Hester???

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Also down for more is Lea’s co-star and good pal, Emma Roberts, who told E! News before the renewal she’d love to see “a lot more Chanel and Chad.”

Same here, girl!

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