Sean & Catherine Lowe Gearing Up For Baby #2 — Get the Scoop!
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Sean Lowe

Sean & Catherine Lowe Gearing Up For Baby #2 — Get the Scoop!


They may have their hands full with a 4-month-old, but Sean and Catherine Lowe are already looking ahead to baby number two!

Not that we can blame the Bachelor alums — their son Samuel Thomas is one of the cutest little ones we’ve ever seen. Of course they’d want another one of him.

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But how soon is soon?

While chatting with about their adorable new nursery for Samuel, the couple of four years hinted a second child might be on the way.

“We want them to be close together,” Cat explains. “I’m not pregnant or anything, but it’s definitely important that we knock it out!”

There’s a reason they want their kids so close together.

For the new mama, it’s that she grew up with a sister close in age to her, which allowed them to “experience a lot of the same things” — something she hopes her son will have.

The 30-year-old states, “We’re hoping that the next one just gets to be best friends with Samuel.”

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The infant might have a new BFF sooner than you’d think, too! His parents have a pretty solid timeline.

“[I’ll probably get pregnant] early next year, in the next 6 to 8 months,” the Dallas-based gal spills.

Her hubby seconds that sentiment, adding, “2017 or 2018 is a fair bet we’ll have another kid come along!”

They even have an idea of what sex they’re hoping for next.

“I definitely want a little girl,” Catherine gushes. “It’s hard to say if I want her next. I know that I want at least three natural babies and then we’re going to adopt a couple.”

The reason she’s a little hesitant to have a girl is her fear Sean will “spoil the crap out of her.” Plus, she says, “a boy next would be really good just for that competition aspect.”

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Also, the Season 17 winner is holding out hope the next one will look more like her.

“I see me in Samuel, but he’s 90 percent Sean Lowe,” she quips. “He’s a white boy, blonde, blue eyes, tall, even the pediatrician says he’s a white boy!”

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Aww! We think he’s the perfect combo of his good-looking parents. Great genes!