Sean & Catherine Lowe Share What They Hate About Their Pasts (VIDEO)
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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici

Sean & Catherine Lowe Share What They Hate About Their Pasts (VIDEO)


Sean and Catherine Lowe are digging deep on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars this week.

During the February 5 episode on WE tv, we'll see the Bachelor stars open up to each other at a bonfire about what they hate from their pasts. Understandably, they both get emotional during the exercise, with Sean mentioning his fear of failure and losing his business.

When it's Catherine's turn, she says, "I hate that my dad left and that my mom made him leave," and "I hate that I'm jealous of other women."

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At that point director Elizabeth Carroll asks Sean how that feels for him.

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"It breaks my heart. You're a beautiful woman and if I could have been your father, I would have told you how pretty you were every single day and I would have never left you," he tells Catherine.

The 29-year-old then tells her husband, "It hurts me to know that this strong, confident man that I love, has things that are really deep inside of him. It hurts me."

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When it's time for the couple to share how they may have hurt each other, they're both just as supportive and loving in their words.

"I've hurt you because we're constantly surrounded by other women and I hate that I put on you sometimes how much I'm insecure about it," Catherine explains.

Sean then says, "My lack of empathy has invalidated you. Has made you feel unheard. We're a team and I don't want you to ever feel alone. It's just not acceptable."

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It sounds like these two are being super open and honest about their insecurities and their love for each other.

Now that they're having a baby — SeanCat is expecting their first child this summer! — we're sure they'll be taking some of these important lessons into parenting.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv